The wait is… Almost over?

Well, the requisite 8 weeks have passed since I was first notified of my Finalist status for Writers of the Future.

Theoretically, all of us Final 8 (heh!) should be getting some kind of news in the next week or two.  Past winner Emery Huang clued me in that it took roughly 9 weeks for him to get word, so I am hoping that perhaps next week, the good news will roll my way.

Or not.  There is no guarantee.  Do I like the story that is currently a Finalist?  Oh, absolutely.  I consider it probably my best ever.  But my best ever might still not be good enough.  It’s just so hard to tell.  So much hinges on who the judges were, what their tastes are, whether or not my story was up their alley, whether or not the other 7 stories were up their alley, the general competence and professional quality of the other 7, versus my own, etc, etc.

It’s enough to drive a man batty, I say.

Well, hopefully, soon, the wait will be over.  One way or another!


4 thoughts on “The wait is… Almost over?

  1. Gawd, Brad, let me know when you hear. I remember going nuts about this time, though I think it was less than 8 weeks for me. I know Joni’s trying to put together the 25th Anniversary Gala, so she’s probably pretty behind.

  2. Yeah, seems like this one will be an extra-long wait. I am sure the three-day holiday here in the States doesn’t help. I suspect Joni has been out all week anyway, and might not be back in until next week, or the week after?

    I’m going to go to CONduit this weekend and try to just kick back and relax and not worry about it. I did pretty well in that regard during the first month. These last two weeks, not so much.

  3. OK, got an e-mail from Joni tonight. No results yet for Q1. She said she’ll notify everyone within MINUTES of getting the results. Whoooboy! OK, gotta do some more waiting…

  4. It seems a bad sign that, this time last year, three lists of 2nd quarter HM’s were posted to the blog in May and thus far none have been posted. It seems likely that Joni has been asked to move mountains for this gala (though I hear rumors that mountain moving is in her repertoire).

    I, know I am a less-than-patient man when it comes to waiting. Heck, I found your blog by searching for hints of 2nd quarter honorable mentions even though I know my submission was too late to be in the first batch and I’ll surely be contacted before I’m listed on the blog. But hey, some news is better than no news, right?

    Just remember the rest of us who really wish we had the chance to fret over that phone call! Good luck to you.

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