Writers of the Future… And the ball crawls off the rim!


Got the call from Joni today.

No joy.

As they say in the NBA, around and out, baby. Around and out!

Time to get the rebound — pound the glass! — and go up for a second chance opportunity!

HUGE THANKS to everybody who has been sending support. Also HUGE THANKS to Dave Wolverton for being able to provide feedback on the story, once the decision to not place it was made. I’d have liked a W for this one. I felt like I had a W on this one. Alas, feeling and realizing are two different things. The reality was, three other stories were better than mine. Mine was right there, but it was outclassed by three others.

Now I’ll take what I’ve learned from Dave and from other, ongoing stories, and try to make my Q3 entry as good as I can. Better than the Q1 Finalist. Better than anything I’ve written before. I fell short just inches from busting the tape. Next time, I’ve gotta make sure I can go the distance.