Happiness is being lauded by Dave Wolverton (aka: David Farland)

Can I just say now that Dave Wolverton (aka: David Farland) is a peach? This bestselling author has clearly forgotten none of the struggle of being an aspirant writer, and spends a whole heck of a lot of his time engaged in projects — his daily Kicks in the Pants, his writing workshops, judging Writers of the Future — that benefit aspirants.

Dave’s been giving me some very excellent feedback on my Finalist story, and today he sent out his daily Kick with the following praise:

I was also delighted to see that Brad Torgersen was a finalist in the contest this quarter. His story “Outbound” was one of my three top picks.

Oh. Wow. (blink… blink…) That’s DAVE WOLVERTON telling the world that my Finalist was one of his top three picks!

Short of winning Writers of the Future, I couldn’t ask for better than this. Truly. Dave didn’t have to put this out to the world, but he did. Talk about having a daily affirmation!

Thanks, Mr. Wolverton. This aspirant thing is — has been! — a very lonely road, with few or no words of encouragement. Just lots and lots of form rejections. As in, lots and lots and lots. No clue how you did. No word. Just, “Thanks for sending us your story, it didn’t work for us, blah blah blah blah…” Until you feel like you want to scream.

Well, Dave, I’m going to take that quote above, print it out on a big ledger-sized piece of paper, and tape it up everywhere I can possibly see it. At work. At home. Everywhere, to remind myself that this trek towards publication is not futile, and that I do have what it takes to tell a good story! The key now is probably what it’s always been: no letting up, no quitting, no slacking. Write more, submit more, until I’m finally over The Wall (see post below) and can claim my first official victory.


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  1. Hello Brad

    Saw your comments on my story on Baens and thought I would look you up.

    Good on you for everything you’ve done – quite a journey you have been on. Sorry about missing out but top 8! That is a bloody good achievement. I wish you more success

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