Nighty night!

Me have fun watching blog flashmobbery.

Me enjoy reading manufactured outrage.

Me still think mermaid lady cover kick butt.

Me put money where mouth is and PayPal $17 to Warren Lapine for subscription.

Me think Omarosa her own worst enemy.

Me think Omarosa’s coterie need new hobby.

Me think Mr. Mamatas small potatoes who acts like big potatoes in front of people who don’t know better.

Me think me go to bed now. Sleepy.

ZZZ zzz ZZZ zzzz ZZZ zzz….

MORNING EDIT: Me have fun watching small potatoes continually link to the blog of someone he apparently thinks doesn’t matter. Me think small potatoes displays contradictory behavior.


5 thoughts on “Nighty night!

  1. “Me think Mr. Mamatas small potatoes who acts like big potatoes in front of people who don’t know better.”

    I agree with your statement about Mr. Mamatas. Shortman complex run wild with extreme self-worship.

  2. Nick seems to have had an issue with me ever since the Big 3 debate over at Scalzi’s blog. I was surprised to find him bothering to link to me, much less sic his LiveJournal troupe on me. Perhaps now that he has steady work he feels insulated enough to begin letting a lot of cats out of bags. Regarding publishing. Regarding people in it. And so forth. I’ve certainly been surprised at the level of disdain or even outright contempt he appears to feel for many established professionals, markets, etc.

    What killed it for me is when I discovered he used to ghost write papers for college cheaters.

    I’m not saying I’m clean as the driven snow, but as an aspirant, I’d not want that on my resume. Hell, I’d not want that on my resume, period. In the Army, when you do a school of any sort, if they catch you cheating on anything academic, not only will you be shitcanned, they’ll shitcan anyone who is helping you.

    Perhaps Nick felt financially desperate? Not sure. I know there have been several times in my life I was financially desperate. I never once considered using that as an excuse to turn to dishonest work, though.

  3. Why does this not surprise me?

    Mamatas, a liar, a plagiarist and a hypocrite. That sounds pretty accurate.

    “Perhaps now that he has steady work he feels insulated enough to begin letting a lot of cats out of bags. Regarding publishing. Regarding people in it. And so forth.”

    And actually Mamatas has been a douchebag for years.

    My friends and I had a run-in with him two years ago.

    My buddy who is a POC and an LGBT had a discussion on his personal blog about the need to showcase LGBTs as full respectable three-dimensional characters and not offensive caricatures in the media.

    Well one of Mamatas’s cronies came trolling his blog and attacking my friend and others. After she was banned, Mamatas and his troupe of Nazis came over and started flaming the blog making homophobic slurs against myself and others claiming we were self hating queens pandering to the straights because somewhere it’s written you can’t be an LGBT without being a stereotype like him.

    Suffice to say he was promptly banned from the blog and his comments were deleted. Well Mamatas continues flaming the site making hateful slurs through anonymous comments. Thinking he had found an easy mark to pick on, Mamatas was a bit shocked when he finally got ripped a new one and taking down a few pegs by me and my friends. We had a field day with him.

    Do you know he’s still crying about that two years later? He’s still posting about how oppressed he was and how he was the victim.

    Again two years later, and he’s still crying over the butthurt.

    I find it hilarious he can dish it out and pick fights but when he finally gets his ass kicked in a verbal spat, he wants to cry about it and cry about how he’s a victim of oppression.

    I’m sorry but when you go bypassing bans and flaming blogs and picking fights, you don’t get to play the victim card. You weren’t thinking about your minority status when you were acting a fool, you don’t get to play that card now.

    And plagiarists certainly don’t get to take the moral high ground.

    It’s sad really. People like him lead shitty lives and the interwebs is the only place they feel speshul and significant. And he has to use controversy to sustain his relevance because obviously his writing career or no other facet of his life can do it. Same goes for his flunkies and people like him.

    And by sad I mean hilarious.

    Small potatoes? Deformed spud is more like it.

  4. I’m glad to see others can see through Nick. For some reason he thinks being a dick will make him popular and that he has the last word on anything to do with publishing and writing. A shrink would have fun with him.

  5. That’s surprised me as well. I was peripherally aware of Nick due to his having edited Clarkesworld. When I was engaged in the discussion about paper submissions versus e-subsmissions, over at Scalzi’s blog, Nick’s irritation with me was instant. Virtually anything I said on the matter, he had an issue with it.

    Then he went out of his way to be confrontational by linking back to this blog from his LiveJournal, and letting loose the LiveJournal folk; for whom there seems to be nothing more in life than cheap snark and pointing fingers.

    Heck, people being dicks on the InterToob could be its own whole essay. Frankly, I think you could probably do a psychology thesis on the InterToob. People become assholes on the InterToob about the same way they become assholes behind the wheel of a car.


    Looks like I’m not the only one who has been a target. It’s strange to see some of the usual suspects — in InterToob squabbling within SF and F — running together in a loose group on the Web. Do these people all meet up at Cons? Is it strictly a Web thing?

    In the end, most of them seem to be perpetually looking for something to gripe about, someone to make fun of, some axe to grind.

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