Is LiveJournal an insane asylum?

Because I’d really like to know the truth.


Based on what little of it I’ve seen, yes, LiveJournal is, in fact, a place where crazy people go to play on the internet.

No offense to the non-crazy LiveJournal people out there. You know who you are.

It’s the whacked out nut jobs who are making you look bad. Can’t something be done?


EDIT: hugs and sugar to the several LiveJournal troopers who are, at this moment, directing their minions to my (several) on-line faces. Thanks, you have proven my point for me far better than I ever could have.

Sort of like when the Danish Muhammed cartoons came out. What’s the best way to prove you’re not a jihadist fanatic? Why, go out and act, talk, and behave just like a jihadist fanatic!

Brilliant. Just like Angie Tempura.

You stay classy, LJ!


5 thoughts on “Is LiveJournal an insane asylum?

  1. Hi Brad. Steve here from the June Kris and Dean Show. I have to know what specifically prompted this post? It sounds like a hell of a story. 🙂

  2. There’s not much to tell, really. I’ve spoken up on a couple of manufactured imbroglios which have involved LiveJournal members, and have been flashmobbed for my efforts.

    The pattern — if we can call it a pattern — goes like this.

    1) Imbroglio in progress.
    2) I throw in my thoughts on the imbroglio.
    3) Someone on LiveJournal doesn’t like what I said.
    4) That someone posts about it on LiveJournal.
    5) All that someone’s buddies and friends pile on.

    So far as I can discern, many of the most outspoken and cantankerous LiveJournal members — who concern themselves with SF and F anyway — operate with an Ad Populum mentality: the person able to rally the most buddies and ‘yeah what he said’ responses to their argument, therefore has the stronger argument.

    It’s a classic fallacy, I know, but some people at LiveJournal do seem to believe this is true.

    Anyway, it’s a whole lotta nuthin’ really. Kris and Dean would doubtless tell me I am being a doofus for even wasting time on any of it when I ought to be working on prose.

    I guess, depending on the subject matter, I haven’t yet learned when to ignore certain kinds of InterToob arguments.

    Anyway, it’s left me with the impression that LiveJournal is a bit of a loony bin.

  3. I will go check it out. Thanks for the link.

    Unfortunately for me I’ve wasted the last 48 hours on LiveJournal crazy.

    A few people were actually decent enough to be worth the time talking to.

    90% of the rest…. Sophomoric is too weak a word.

    EDIT: OK, I’ve seen the John C. Wright thread. Quite fascinating. He’s certainly not taken any pains to avoid offending the homosexual community, or allies of same. I’ve actually got a lot to say about what John’s said, some of it pro-John, some of it not. And I am not sure if I have the energy at this point. Probably everything I might have said, has already been said — by both sides — through 7+ pages of LiveJournal howling.


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