LiveJournal Crazy III: bring the luv!

And the luv just keeps on coming. More linky madness from the LJ Krazy. Especially thanks to two particular people — and their overlapping coteries of meth-crazed marmots — who apparently hate and detest me SO BADLY and think I am SO CLUELESS they read everything I write here, check the comments, make post after post about me on their LiveJournal pages, link back to me, and just basically make it apparent that I have PWN3D them in their souls.

One nice thing about the last 48 hours: I’ve also discovered — or been discovered by — some delightfully sane people, who just might make me change my mind about LiveJournal as a forum for adult conversation.

NOTE: delightfully sane is not the same thing as ‘agrees with everything I say.’ I note that past contributor Alundra and new contributor Laura have been capable of expressing their disagreement — and in a manner not at all frothish or otherwise maniacally sophomoric — which puts them echelons above some of the rest of you from LJ, who stop in at this blog just long enough to read a line or two, then scurry back to your “friends” and engage in line after line of ZOMG HE SUKS WHAT A FUK JEEZUSS HE SUKS SO BAD I HATE HIS ASS AAAAAA I WILL KILL HIM WHEN I MEET HIM IF I EVR AXSHLY GO OUTSIDE BUT WHAIT I NEVER DO THAT MY MOM KEEPS THE DOOR LOCKED, like you’re doing yard after yard of hatercoke on a 100-inch telescope mirror.

So hey kids who forgot to take their meds and are busy posting still another post about how I am evil and need to die and I suck so bad and I am so terrible and irrelevant that they’re refreshing my blog every quarter hour on the hour just to see if I’ve said anything else because apparently the way you show someone how much they suck and don’t matter to you is to cyber-stalk them like a jilted rehab reject from a reality TV series… GROW UP.