Oh frak it, why not?

It’s been the better part of a week now, and though the official word still hasn’t been put out, enough people have been informed under-the-table that I may as well just blog about it. Hopefully Joni doesn’t mind.

Yes, I am a Finalist for Q3, Writers of the Future vol. XXVI

Yes, it’s my second call-up to the WOTF Majors this year. Hopefully I don’t get sent back down again. Hopefully I connect for a single, a double, or a triple. Or, like Emery Huang most recently, the Golden home run.

If nothing else, making Finalist twice in the same year ups my chances at being a Published Finalist. Which to my mind is almost as good as a placement — because you still get your work in the book, which means superb word rate and potential royalties, and you get to keep coming back and submitting to future quarters in the hopes of winning.

Eric James Stone did it. I wouldn’t mind doing the same.

We’ll just have to see what happens. Wait time ought to be 8 to 12 weeks, just as before, so nobody will probably know anything about the winners until around Christmas or so. Unlike last time, I’m not expending a lot of energy fruitlessly daydreaming about The Big Win. I am instead tempered by the knowledge that it’s good to be in the queue, but nothing is guaranteed, so best to just keep tapping those keys and firing out those manuscripts.

Q1 of WOTF vol. XXVII is currently open for business. Maybe this time I do an about-face and turn my submission in way early, instead of writing and mailing at the last minute like I always do.

I’m also going to begin entering the Illustrators Of The Future contest as well, so Q1 will see me sending two envelopes to Hollywood. There has been only one double-winner to my knowledge: Stephen Stanley. As with Eric, I wouldn’t mind following in those footsteps.

Hey, maybe I can be the first guy to get a Published Finalist, a placement, and a win at the IOTF as well?

As always, you can’t land on the moon if you never launch your rockets.

Best to everyone still waiting for news about their entry. If you’re struggling with anxiety, why not pour that energy into a new piece. Get your mind going on something else. I spent too much time stewing over my Q1 Finalist and it resulted in nothing.


2 thoughts on “Oh frak it, why not?

  1. Congratulations!

    Between this and the WO1, this has been quite a month or so for you…maybe this is shaping up to be your year!

  2. Yeah, the year is turning out pretty awesome.

    Some significant friction at the civilian job, unfortunately. I suppose it was too much to hope for, me getting to have a little cake w/o shit sprinkles on it.


    Frak it. Yeah, it’s awesome being a WO1 and it’s awesome being a Finalist for the second time.

    Civilian job? Frak. Two words: OFFICE SPACE!


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