Good things come in twos!

I got a little letter last night, from Dr. Stanley Schmidt at ANALOG SCIENCE FICTION & FACT.

Dr. Schmidt says he wants to buy my novelette, “Outbound,” which was my Q1 Finalist from Writers of the Future.

He says the contract is coming, and that the original paper manuscript is already in the copyedit process.

This, almost two months exactly after Joni let the world know that I was a winner for Q3 of Writers of the Future.

What can I say? All the years of rejections, low morale, feeling like I wasn’t getting anywhere, and now I’ve had two huge successes two months apart.

Speachless is not the word for it. Though I think I can confirm what has been said by better and older writers before me: persistence is 90% of this business. That, and busting your ass.


6 thoughts on “Good things come in twos!

  1. Congrats, Brad! Looks like you’re on your way my friend. Glad to hear you sold the novelette, I know you were worried about that back in June. It looks like all your hard work is starting to pay off and 2010 is going to be a great year for you man. You’ll have to let us know when it’s published.

    Quick question: Back in June you said that you were afraid it wouldn’t sell because it was something of a monster. What’s the wordcount?


  2. 13,500 words.

    I still can’t believe I sold it to one of the Big Three. That’s just massive wordcount for an Unknown like me. I wager Stan really enjoyed it. But then, Dave Wolverton said he really enjoyed it too, so it obviously had the legs to go the distance with some real Names in the industry.

    Floating on air today!

  3. Just remember that the rejections are never personal. Like hit men, it’s just business.

    Also remember that you can’t score a win if nothing is in the mail. I had a period between 2001 and 2005 where I had nothing in the mail. Wasted time, that.

    You are your own worst obstacle. Defeat yourself — your bad habits, your Bad Voices in your head that try to bring you down — and you will win.

  4. Congrats again, Brad. As I mentioned elsewhere, Stan must have really liked it to be willing to devote that much space to a newbie.

    Hey, wouldn’t it be cool if our first Analog sales are both in the same issue? (I don’t know yet when mine’s appearing.)

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