Diving back into the tank!

Just finished a new manuscript. Something I punched up in the last 24 hours for an exciting concept anthology. Hope the editor bites.

Meanwhile, my stats show that so far, for 2010, I’ve already written over half as many words as I produced in all of 2009. Geronimo. Race score back to 11, and rising.

Now, to dive back into the tank and get my novel finished in time for the Oregon workshop.

Probably won’t be doing any blogging — or much else on the InterToob — until that gets done.

Over and out!

(inserts regulator into mouth, checks mask, tank, flippers, then flops backward into the water….)


One thought on “Diving back into the tank!

  1. Congrats on finishing the ms, good luck with it. I just fired several stories back out into the beyond myself.

    And remember: plan your dive, dive your plan. 😉

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