New TRON Legacy trailer is HOT!

This… This is why science fiction will always and forever be my beloved genre of choice, above and beyond all else.

Click here to view the new theatrical trailer!

I haven’t been this juiced about a theatrical sequel since… Well, I dunno. I wasn’t this juiced for the Star Wars prequels, not the Indiana Jones sequels, nor even the many and various Star Trek movies. And I am a massive Trekie! I was very excited for the Trek reboot, but unlike that (very fun and well done) film, the new TRON film promises to be an actual sequel. (see my previous post here.)

Perhaps my excitement hinges on the fact that this sequel has been “killed” numerous times since the nineties and somehow, somebody found a way to push the project through. With budget. And the cooperation and incorporation of Boxleitner, Bridges, etc. Yes, we don’t know yet if the script will massively suck. My deepest fear at this stage is that the script is horrible and the movie tanks as a result. But Avatar’s script was bad too, and look how well that movie did.

And no, I do not think TR2N will manage to be another Avatar. I just know that I’ve seen the original TRON more times than I’ve seen any other movie, and consider it integral to my childhood experience, as something that completely and totally picked me up, turned me upside down, shook me, then put me back on my feet again. And suddenly everything was changed after that.

Also, finally, TRON has a chance to be cool. The original has been derided — and rightly so — for its several failings. But like Bladerunner, I think TRON helped usher in the Cyberpunk wave of science fiction to a mass audience, and that practically every other ‘virtual world’ films since — such as the Matrix movies — owes much to TRON. Well, with a bit of luck, nobody will be laughing at TRON much longer.

Plus, the soundtrack is by Daft Punk. Daft fuckin’ PUNK baby! WOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! (gets up out of the chair and begins air guitaring to ‘robot rock.’)