Because Larry Correia is a fine human being

And he put up one outrageously humorous and downright hilarious review of Iron Man 2.

Well, not really a review of the film per se, but a review of a review of the film.

(Click here to see Larry’s sense of humor set on full auto…)

I have not seen the movie yet. I liked the original quite a bit. Larry’s review of a review makes we want to totally see it.

And not just because it has fit women dancing in spandex, though I admit that does sound nice.

EDIT TO ADD: Holy smokes, I am still reading and still laughing. The great part is that I am sure the original review of Iron Man 2 was thoroughly serious. Which just sets Larry’s tongue-in-cheek takedown up for success. Humor is best employed when it’s employed against sanctimonious high dudgeon.