Writers of the Future winners, Q1, vol. XXVII

Looks like Kathy broke the news officially. It’s also making rounds on the news wires.

1st Place – Brennan Harvey of Huntington Beach, California.
2nd Place – David D’Amico of Salem, Massachusetts.
3rd Place – Ryan Harvey of Los Angeles, California.

I want to especially congratulate Brennan Harvey, whom I mentioned below — a man who has submitted diligently to Writers of the Future for years! — coming close several times, and who now has a shot at the Gold Award. See, folks, all you need is to be persistent. It’s not about knowing magic passwords or being born with good luck. It’s about not quitting. It’s about refusing to give up and not letting the rejections fool you into thinking you suck. Write it, print it, send it. Then, write something else, print it, send it. Or e-mail it, if it’s an e-market. Do this over and over and over, and you will win. It’s really that simple. I can’t make it any more plain.

Way to go, Brennan. I hope you’re on Cloud 9 and enjoying the long-fought-for victory!


5 thoughts on “Writers of the Future winners, Q1, vol. XXVII

  1. So here’s a question: Are Brennan and Ryan related in any fashion(which would be odd to say the least)? I ask for two reasons:

    1) It would be just the sort of weird coinkidink I like.

    2) It would be evidence to support my theory that there IS a magic password (for anyone who’s interested, I have it on good authority that the password is Plastic. Do with that what you will.)

  2. If memory serves, Brennan already said on the forum that he and Ryan are not related — though I agree, the coincidence is interesting. No matter what, it’s a big win for both of them. Especially Brenann, who now gets to go for the Big Enchilada.

  3. No, Brennan and I aren’t related. We’ve already emailed each other with “invisible rabbit” jokes and “Harvey Conspiracy” gags.

    And you’re right, Brad. It’s all about not quitting. My philosophy has always been “reject rejection.” Get a rejection slip? That means you can now send it somewhere else! This is my first entry in WotF contest, but I’ve been submitting diligently to magazines for three years and getting rejection slips. It’s all about persistence and practice and persistence again.

    Congratulations once again to Brennan and David!

  4. Never cared much for enchiladas, but winning the Gold Award would be nice.

    Oh, wait…

    In all seriousness, I wish him the best of luck and can’t wait to read his story.

    Congratulations to all three of them; their journey has begun…

  5. Wow, first time go! That’s great, Ryan. And good for you to stick with it and prove the rejections wrong. I wish everybody who is writing — or even thinking about writing — could get an earful from every WOTF winner about lessons in persistence. Sticking with it is the largest single factor in determining whether someone remains an aspirant, or they begin to break through.

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