InterToob Fast 2010

It’s that time again. How many of you look up from the screen at some point late in the afternoon and think, holy shit, I could have gotten so much done, but instead I surfed my day into the ground.

So sad, yet so true!

Yah. Happens to me all the time too. I really need to reclaim my minutes. I love the internet because it’s endless and there is everything to see and read and listen to and do… But then I get this feeling like it’s all just a colossal distraction from what’s really going on. I mean, I’ve got so much I could be doing and accomplishing, and I’m just pinging around from one blog to the next, one message board to the next, and it’s getting kind of scary how compulsive the whole enterprise is.

Stop it! (slaps self)

Stop it!! (cold water in face)

Back away from the keyboard… Slowly… Slowly….


3 thoughts on “InterToob Fast 2010

  1. but…but… doom! The internet is your friend, how can you abandon the tubes? 😉

    How’s your streak going, anyway? Weren’t you doing 500 words a day? I’ve started a streak too…

    Hope your fast goes…well? 😛

    (see? the tubes are calling… it’s just a blog comment. you can respond. really. come to the edge of the slippery slope, Brad……)

  2. My streak has been streaky, to be honest. I really do need to just give myself a limit, and not go past it, with time spent on the Toob. Far too much time being spent surfing and doing blogs and stuff. I suspect John Barnes may be right — once we can “plug in” directly to the ‘Net, whole sectors of society will just check out of their real lives entirely.

  3. Yeah, it can be tough to unplug. I use the net when writing because I’m wired to research on the fly if I need anything, so unplugging is really hard for me (part of me wonders how I managed to write anything in the time before internet).

    Get streaking, Mr! I’ve appointed myself pep-talk person apparently (I’m bugging Alex too, heh). I guess nagging others makes me feel like a hypocrite if I don’t bust my own ass, or something. It’s like free nagging for everyone! 😉

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