OMG, the year is half over? WTH?

2010 has officially tipped over into its second half. Howindahell did time fly so quickly? Since my mid-twenties I have become alarmed at how fast each successive year seems to pass. It must be a function of developing cognition that when you are young, time seems to stretch endlessly to the horizon — but as you age, the minutes and the hours and the days and the weeks and the months… it all becomes foreshortened, such that now I fret that there is never enough time. Too much to do. I could use 30-hour days and 10-day weeks, and it probably still wouldn’t be enough to get everything done. So I am forced to pick and choose how and why I spend my time, and I often feel remorse over the things that get left untouched or undeveloped — consoling myself that the things I do focus on, are priority things which have the most value and the most importance.

Towards that end, I’ve got some additionally ambitious goals for my writing for the last half of 2010. The first half was pretty good — I am 50% to meeting my annual goals that I set at the end of 2009. Which is a first, because usually at this point I’d be moaning and groaning about how I am way behind, how I’ve wasted all kinds of time, etc, etc. Not this year. This year I’ve managed to be on-target, and I am glad for that.

But I’ve also learned that I could be doing even more. So while I am still sticking to my plan to get another novel completed and out the door, along with an additional 6 new short pieces, I am also contemplating a serial project — on top of the rest — as well as some significant re-writes for older work. Which increases the weekly burden. But I think I am ready for that. Later this summer I am attending the Writers of the Future workshop — ballyhooed for turning amateurs into professionals — and I want to walk into that workshop in ‘run’ mode, not ‘walk’ mode. Last year, I was still mostly in ‘crawl,’ so I need to step up my game just that much more. Especially since the rejections never stopped — oh no, I am getting them just as much as I always did before breaking in — and the only way around it seems to be increasing my output by an additional factor.

Which will involve still more cutting back on some of the ‘time junk food’ that I enjoy, just as I’ve had to cut back on edible junk food as part of the P90X fitness program. I need to get even more ruthless about how I focus my energy. There are still too many minutes being wasted. I am still too disorganized. I still have a long ways to go towards arranging my daily and weekly schedule so that I am getting everything I can out of my waking hours. I am tired of looking back over each week and realizing — 20/20 — how much of that week was wasted. Yes, this is contra to my natural inclinations to take things easy. But I’ve more or less surrendered in my heart to the fact that things will get easy when I’m dead. While I am alive, I need to get after it and stay after it if I want to accomplish anything worthwhile.


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