A taste of what’s to come!

Did I ever tell you I’ve got some graphic arts chops?

Emancipated Worlds Defense Force

Sometimes all it takes is a single image to fire the engine of the imagination. I’ve talked a bit about the upcoming web serial, but I haven’t given out many details because the truth is, there haven’t been any details to give out! Today I sat down at lunch time and really thought hard about the kinds of things I wanted to do and say with my serial. All the bits and pieces of different concepts, conflicts, neat ideas, everything I’ve bounced around in my head the last 20 years. And this afternoon, while electronically constructing this emblem, the project quickly snapped into focus. I don’t often have these moments of rush-clarity. When they happen, I am almost not sure I can trust them because they are such a head soak — so much information piling on top of itself in an organized pattern — that it’s difficult to grasp all in one blow. But I’m as excited as I’ve ever been about any story I’ve ever told, or tried to tell. So excited I am practically bouncing out of my chair. I want to sit myself down and pound the entire thing out, not stopping. Haven’t felt that urge in quite some time.


8 thoughts on “A taste of what’s to come!

  1. That emblem actually makes me want to join the Emancipated Worlds Defense Force.

    Just gotta wait 700 years. Aw, nuts… well, at least I can soon read about its futural exploits.


  2. Nice work on the logo!
    I’m curious to see how this story will work. Are you going to post an excerpt here each week? And by three-part webisode, do you mean videos?

  3. Very exciting. I like the logo — I, too, am the type of person that likes to draw a picture, build a LEGO spaceship, or create a graphic like that one in order to make the aesthetic, the FEEL, of a universe/story more real, more fully realized. It’s like watering a plant, in my experience. You start with the seed, then massage it — and your brain — and before long it starts growing rampantly.

    I had a similar rush of nonstop story inspiration recently, as well — thanks to Inception, which in turn prompted me to read William Gibson’s Neuromancer, and also rewatch Minority Report, Blade Runner, The Matrix, The Matrix: Revolutions, and various Batman films.

    Now, I’ve almost finished the first of a handful of stories in a universe that I plan to write a novel from in the very-very-near future.

    I’m excited to read these online chapters — webisodes — and best of luck with the e-book experience, Brad. It’s a Brave New World.

  4. Thanks, all, looking forward to posting the first few webisodes. No, they’re not video — at least not anywhere outside my head. Inside my head, it’s super=awesome HD 3D video, like BSG 2.0 cross with Avatar! KABOOM!

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