SALE! “The Chaplain’s Assistant” to Analog Science Fiction & Fact

It gives me great pleasure to announce that Dr. Stanley Schmidt is purchasing my short story, “The Chaplain’s Assistant,” for Analog Science Fiction & Fact magazine. This is my second sale to that market, and my third professional sale in the last 12 months. Really, after 17 years of nothing but rejections, and now three pro sales in under a year… a man could get used to this! Huge thanks to Dr. Schmidt, to whom I owe the utmost gratitude for his very kind responses, patient correction of my small goofs and errors, and his willingness to trust me with the valuable space in his august publication. Huzzah! I am officially an Analog recidivist! Celebration!


10 thoughts on “SALE! “The Chaplain’s Assistant” to Analog Science Fiction & Fact

  1. Congrats, Brad. You’re defintely an inspiration to aspirants eveywhere. How cool is it that you can apply for SFWA membership? To be honest I didn’t even know they existed until two years ago but it sounds really cool. Looking forward to reading “The Chaplain’s Assitant.” Oh, and I was in Walgreens the other day, I think they might have a cream for that recidivsm.

  2. Nice, very nice. I just purchased the November Analog on my Kindle and look forward to reading “Outbound.”

    And yes, you can tell Dr. Schmidt that you inspired at least one sale of his magazine. I’ve been reading your blog for a while and need to see what your fiction is like.

  3. Congrats Brad. Thinking about your bathtub analogy, I think you can safely say that you are now ‘fully professional’

    Good work my man.

  4. Congrats. I stumbled into your blog a few months back looking for some writing advice. Your posts are inspiring and now to see that you have three pro sales in 12 months! Congrats.

  5. David and Nathan: hope you both enjoy the new story when it comes out, otherwise I think “Outbound” stays on shelves in the November 2010 issues until roughly the first week of October. And yes, success is its own verification that I’m (somehow) managing to do a few things right.

    John: yup, the ‘tub’ rings true, doesn’t it? I still get rejections all the time, sure, but the ‘tips’ of the water are coming through finally. I hope I can keep cranking and raise the level until sales are more frequent, but for now I am thrilled to (finally!) be having this sort of success.

    Steve: LOL, make sure it’s acid free, or my skin will itch!

    Andy: what all the pros told me when I was unsold is absolutely 100% true, in that being successful is almost entirely about persistence. If you have even a little bit of talent, and can learn a few lessons from people further down the track than you are, and you never give up, and you make sure to produce words on a routine basis, and send them to editors, you will sell eventually. No magic tricks, no secrets, just lots of work.

  6. Great news, Brad!

    Still haven’t made the bi-monthly (approx.) trip to Barnes & Noble yet, but will be doing so sometime in the next week or two. Looking forward to picking up “Outbound,” and hopefully “Exanastasis” as well — if the WotF book has hit shelves by then. The reviews I’ve been seeing show great promise, man!

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