From the office of the Secretary-General

Emancipated Worlds Defense Force

NOTE: excerpted from, “Thoughts On Our Collective Future,” a memoir by Secretary-General Nguyen Trong, 2212 A.D.

During my final year in office, I paid a visit to every continent on the globe, including Australia and the islands of Indonesia. At that time, there were still some who resented the amalgamation of their regional governments into the larger United Nations ruling body. For the most part these were merely the tired grumbles of the very old men — who’d heard tales from their fathers about the time when the world had been a divided, squabbling place.

How curious to hear these people — benefactors of the tranquility the U.N. has enforced for so many years — complaining. As if they even knew what it was like before consolidation? As if the days of war and greed were preferable?

I tell you, people of this planet Earth, we must never go back to the old ways. Never again return to the disastrous waste and hording of the past. When men slaughtered men for mere ownership of land and material things. He who consumed the most, ruled the most, and inequity was omnipresent in our population. Such incorrect thinking almost destroyed civilization, and it was only the stabilizing hand of the United Nations — your government, your provider and protector — which averted complete global collapse.

Now? Now, we are cleansing and repairing our home planet, while at the same time we reach for the stars. Where once our scientists and engineers spent all their time and talent constructing palaces to robber barons and weapons for the strong to wield against the weak, now our brightest minds work in harmony — all over this world — to again make it the paradise it once was, before the monarchs and their capitalist offspring raped and pillaged.

The richness of the solar system is open to us, to be used for the benefit of all, judiciously. We have placed the fingerprints of humanity on Mars and the moons of Jupiter. The refining of fusion technology is at last freeing us from the yoke of filthy fossil consumption. There is no door closed to us, no possibility too wonderful for us not to achieve, if we strive as one people!

Prepare your children, ye of the next generation. For the coming hundred years will be a glorious manifestation of the human spirit in action. Together, as brothers and sisters, we will hurl down the past and smash it on the stones of progress. Embrace, neighbor to neighbor. Rejoice. And be happy.

— Originally part of the Annual Progress and Planning Speech, as delivered to the General Assembly and spread around the world via satellite broadcast.