United Nations Archive File A-5345-10-6-1982800

Emancipated Worlds Defense Force

NOTE: excerpted paragraphs from report filed with the United Nations Transitional Bureau, early 22nd Century.

Esteemed sirs, I am pleased to inform you that forward motion is happening in the Northwestern Quadrant. Violence against Peacekeepers is down 50% since last quarter, following our implementation of an incentive program — which has brought many of the Americans forward to give names and locations for the terrorists still evading capture. I do think the Americans are finally getting the hint that we are their friends. The people of Seattle are positively wonderful, though I cannot say the same for the smaller communities, many of whom still regard our presence as a threat. They will learn.

The monthly teleconference of Directorates indicated that we might be just months away from bringing the new North American interim monetary system on-line? I certainly hope so, for the sake of these Americans. Petty crime and other civil problems are ever-present. Until the vacuum left by the bankrupt remains of the U.S. Treasury can be filled, citizens are reduced to theft or barter in order to obtain goods. I understand that software problems with the Global Monetary Array may hamper a stop-gap solution, but the sooner we can bring the local economies a degree of stability, the better.

Speaking of which, I had a chance to talk to one of the regional commanders of the so-called militia which has been harassing Peacekeepers trying to secure the Cascade Peninsula. He was captured along with a dozen of his comrades, all of them weary and emaciated from years in the wilderness. He was an angry man. I had trouble understanding his American English, laced as it was with dialect and slang. He hung himself in his cell before I could extract much useful information.

I fear it may be a generation or more before this nonsense stops. Notions of a distinct United States identify, are dying slowly. Even if their former national capitol is a vacant, radioactive pit.

On that note, I should mention that the militia commander had a curious flag on him at the time of his apprehension. I am forwarding a digital image of it with this report. It features a golden snake on a field of red and white stripes. In English it has the words DON’T TREAD ON ME inked below the snake. I am still trying to determine the significance of this. If anyone at your level can identify its meaning, please let myself and the other Directors know?

Vipers. That’s precisely what these retrograde terrorist folk are. I just hope they don’t do too much damage before they fade beneath the waves of progress.

— Unnamed Director, filing from the temporary U.N. offices in Olympia.


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