A report to the Security Council

Emancipated Worlds Defense Force

NOTE: excerpt of detailed brief delivered to the United Nations Security Council, February 3, 2432 A.D.

The situation in the colonies is becoming extreme. While full-scale emigration from Earth has greatly eased the ever-present and ongoing population problem, not enough effort has been expended to ensure that our colonists retain sufficient loyalty and obedience to the values of the government. Having recently returned from a twenty-world tour, I can confirm that local politics are diverging at an alarming rate. Unless something drastic is done, I project that no less than six planets will declare independence within the next Earth year, with many of their siblings following suit in years to come.

It is therefore my recommendation that the Security Council create and fund an expeditionary entity capable of keeping the rapidly expanding list of colonies on-track with the needs and desires of the Security Council, and the Secretary-General. Such a force would be staffed with our best diplomats, mediators, and several experienced Governors, backed by an elite corps of our best police. Due to the nascent nature of the colonies, they are not as yet self-sufficient enough to refuse our presence — if our presence is strongly felt.

The time to act is now. Every year we wait, is a year these colonies will use to further distance themselves from the United Nations. I have even discovered evidence on several worlds of a movement to begin barring immigration — in direct violation of the Exodus Edict. Earth cannot afford to have the spigot of population export turned off at this critical juncture. Efforts to further restore the Earth’s environment and curb renewed population growth among Earth’s people will be seriously hampered.

I therefore submit my resume, as Counsel-Governor, to lead this expeditionary entity, which I would have officially labeled as the Colonial Administration Authority. The CAA would act as the loving but firm hand of the Security Council and the Secretary-General in all colonial matters, ensuring that the expansion of humanity into the galaxy is carried out in an orderly, organized, cohesive fashion. There is the very real possibility that rogue colonies may threaten the peace in Sol System, just as rogue nations threatened the peace centuries ago on Earth.

I hope that my findings and proposal meet with your approval. I have attached several planning documents, with funding and timeline estimates.

— Brief delivered by Antonio Lamarcus Okuzo, six weeks before his confirmation as the first Administrative Sub-Secretary of the Colonial Administration Authority.