For the new recruit

Emancipated Worlds Defense Force

NOTE: Mission statement, taken from the initial entry training manual of the Peacekeepers, Colonial Administration Authority, 2600 A.D.

Never forget this, recruit. Yours is a thankless but necessary task. Only you stand between civilization and anarchy. You are the glue that keeps the human race together. Without you to remind them of their obligations to the whole, individuals quickly revert to the selfish ways of their ancestors. When greed and violence erupt, you are there to restore order. On a hundred different worlds. You will not often be thanked. But know that your government thanks you.

We cannot teach you in fourteen weeks all that you must know to become a successful Peacekeeper. Your time with this facility is only the beginning. Look around you when you arrive at your first duty assignment. Find the old Peacekeepers who have been on the job for a decade or more. Tap their wisdom. Each of them will have given their sweat and blood to maintain the stability of a dozen worlds, and each will likely serve on a dozen more before they are through. It is to them and their legacy that you owe your utmost effort. Nothing less.

Just the same, we promise to give you a solid platform: to prepare you for what is to come. You will be trained in individual and squad tactics, riot control, fundamentals of citizens rights, extreme measures techniques, suspect interrogation, informational doctrine codes, basic surveillance, the handling and maintaining of individual arms, squad-level arms, environmental and vacuum armor, first level mobile mechanized fighting, and basic combat life-saving. All of which every Peacekeeper must know, because at any moment anywhere in the colonies, you may be forced to call upon this knowledge.

Eventually, you will be sent onward to your specialized schooling, be it flight school, investigations, data security, or any of the other hundreds of roles that need to be filled within the body of the Peacekeepers. You came into this facility as a single person, you will leave this facility a member of a team. Together with your brothers and sisters, you will uphold the fine traditions of the Peacekeepers, who for hundreds of years have served the Secretary-General proudly as the guardians of law and order.

Good luck, recruit. Ask questions, but do as you are told. And you will be fine.