Welcome, Monster Hunter International fans!

My local Utah writing friend — and all around terrific human being — Larry Correia was nice enough to blog the debut of the Emancipated Worlds Saga. Traffic is going into orbit, and I wanted to welcome any/all Monster Hunter International fans and Larry Correia fans who are dropping in for the first time.

As Larry said, I’m a Utah writer too, of the small-c conservative persuasion. I’m also an Army Reserve Warrant officer, so I know a thing or two about writing military Science Fiction. The Emancipated Worlds Saga is a web “serial” that I am doing weekly. Some time next year, when the first “novel” in the serial wraps up, I will take the novel and e-publish it to the platforms: Kindle, Nook, iPad, and so forth. Until then, the serial is going to pile up here at my blog in the Emancipated Worlds section (on the right) with additional links for goodies and other material as I release it.

Otherwise, feel free to spock me out in print. Writers of the Future vol. 26 comes out this month, and Analog Science Fiction & Fact, November 2010 issue, is just leaving store shelves. Though both of these are available for direct purchase via PayPal at my web site. My latest Analog story, “The Chaplain’s Assistant,” will probably be in print early next year, and I’ve got several other irons in several other publishing fires to boot.

Thanks again for paying me a visit, and if you like what you see, sound off! I’d love to hear from you and get your feedback!


16 thoughts on “Welcome, Monster Hunter International fans!

  1. Read the posts to date on this new serial. I’m hooked. And, I’ll admit I wouldn’t have found this without Larry C’s posting. Looks to be a fun read going forward. Good fortune with your writing career!

    Side note — funny how the internet has “reinvented” the serial and the fun/torture that comes with waiting for the next chapter.

  2. J, thanks for stopping in, reading, and commenting. Larry is a terrific guy and I am very thankful he’s doing me the favor of “boosting signal” on this project. On the web serial, my first ever public exposure came when I did a 12-part script for a serial radio show, and I fell in love with the “old timey” serial format back then. The web has indeed re-introduced the serial as a viable medium. Please check back often, as I do intend to make this a weekly thing. So glad you like what you’ve read so far.

  3. Another Larry fan following the links, and I greatly enjoyed the prologue. What really hooked me though was the final paragraphs where it’s show that this isn’t just another armchair admiral with no concept of what he’s doing. The fact that he knows exactly what the results will be makes it all the more tantalizing. 🙂

  4. Just. . .damn. This is GOOD. Mongo want MORE. . . . and has Larry introduced you to Toni, yet ???

  5. Not yet, but I did get a request from Gray Rinehart at ban for the full manuscript on another project. I’d love to write for Baen. It would be about as ideal a writer-publisher relationship as I could imagine, based on what I have heard from other writers I know who write for Baen — Larry especially.

  6. Yet another of Larry’s slack-jawed fiction junkies searching the dark recesses of the interweb for yet another fix of free goodness….btw, I hope you have noticed that a bunch of us have come over here via Larry’s site. If you know anything about Larry’s fans, it’s thatt we enjoy lotsa gunplay, hugemongous explosions and zombie-sharks…just a lil’ ol’ hint…Love this serial btw..

  7. Brad I’m another member of Monster Hunter Nation, and like what I see (read) here. Mil-Sci-Fi from someone who knows what end the bullets come out of is a good thing! 😉

    Anyway I put in a plug for you on my Blog Alone: King of One Now I don’t have anywhere as near the readership as Larry, but I do get a few that he doesn’t so I figured I’d throw it up there.

    I am liking your story, The Emancipated Worlds Saga. But I did notice that you’ve got your background info at the bottom, prologue next, and then chapter 1. If you keep posting things this way I think you’re going to end up with a mess in a rather short order.

    If you notice on my blog I’ve got links at the top entitled “Chapters” “Chapters Alone 2” and “Other Stories” and under each one of those is a page with a link to each chapter so instead of having the story content on the front page. I’ve found this format seems to work better. When I have a new chapter ready I make a quick post and instead of putting all the story content in the post I put a link to one of these back pages.

    Let me know if you’d like some help setting it up that way.


  8. I’m another MH recruit and very glad to have found you. Wonderful stuff, even if I hate waiting a week between posts!

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