TRON Legacy poster revealed!

The new poster for the movie TRON Legacy has been revealed:

TRON Legacy - 12 / 17 / 2010

Behind me at work I have a framed original poster from 1983’s TRON, and the homage is quite clear — how Sam is positioned with Quorra, and especially the Identity Disc suspended over Sam’s head, just out of reach. It’s practically 1-for-1 with the original. To say that I am excited about this film is an understatement. To say that this film also terrifies me is an understatement. Lord, please, let the script be good. No, let the script be very good. Less than 60 days before… END OF LINE.


3 thoughts on “TRON Legacy poster revealed!

  1. I saw the trailer for this the other night. As soon as I heard Bruce Boxleitner’s voice, I got giddy. Not because of Tron, but because I am a huuuuuuuuge Babylon 5 fan. I never got to see all of the original movie, but it’s in my netflix queue and we will watch it before the new movie premiers.

  2. Bruce is the man. I have always liked him. I was glad he got the Sheridan role, and thought he did quite well with it. He’s reprising his Alan/TRON roles for the new movie, and appears to be in very good shape for his age — much better shape than Bridges, if I have to say it. (oop!) Anyway, this movie excites me six ways from thursday. Can’t wait!

  3. This should be called Tron 2.0 😉

    I’m not sure how many Frisbee based injuries Tron is responsible for but I gave and received my fair share as a kid.

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