Sale! “The Bullfrog Radio Astronomy Project” to Dr. Schmidt at Analog Science Fiction & Fact

This one surprises me a great deal. A story from 2002 that sat unfinished on my hard disk until 2009 when I brought it back up, chopped it into pieces, re-worked it (in a big hurry), and which has since made the rounds of the markets, until Dr. Schmidt decided to give it a home at Analog. Very thankful to Dr. Schmidt for again trusting me with space in his august publication. I guess I’ll be doing a Biolog with R.A. Lovett in addition to seeing myself in Analog’s pages for the third time. You know, I think Stan likes me? (grin) Such a gas. And I want to stress again that I have gotten dozens of rejections from Analog SF prior to my new string of successes with that market. All you aspirants, remember this. Never give up. Keep sending. Be cordial, polite, and appreciative. You work hard enough and keep at it, some editor somewhere will decide you are worthwhile, and the rest is contracts and good times!


12 thoughts on “Sale! “The Bullfrog Radio Astronomy Project” to Dr. Schmidt at Analog Science Fiction & Fact

  1. “You work hard enough and keep at it, some editor somewhere will decide you are worthwhile, and the rest is contracts and good times!”

    ‘zaktly! The hard part is, once you’ve reached pro-publishable status, finding these editors 😉

  2. Okay, so I’m back. I missed something when I made my last post (I’ve been in Lincoln City all week and I’m a pit punchy): Brad, you said that you were a surprised a great deal by this sale. Dude, you were the only one. This isn’t to blow smoke up you’re arse but to encourage one of my fellow writers. You’re skill levell is way the hell up there, man. You’re not writing at anywhere near the level of most writers just breaking in. You’re far, far above that. Seriously. So keep on writing, keep on pounding ’em out. I can tell honestly say you ALREADY have fans. I know cuz I’m one them.

  3. Thanks, all. 4 sales inside 12 months, after so many years without, really does have been spinning for a bit of a loop. What I keep coming back to is the concept of “critical mass” in that a writer might go a long time building up to a certain point, and then blam the water starts to pour over the spillway. It does seem to be happening in my case, and I’ve been told by a few other pros that this has happened for them too. My wife thinks it’s just because I finally got down in the dirt with my fingers and put in the real effort — she says all my prior effort, especially in my 20s, was just fucking around. She says she’s never seen me put in effort like I’ve put in effort the last two years, and she’s probably correct. And hey Steve, thanks. Fans? I have fans? Oh dear. Fans come with expectations! Gack! I have a public to appease now? Double gack! (grin)

  4. It’s not just that Stan likes you, Brad. It’s that he thinks Analog readers will like you, or at least your stories. That’s what counts. (He’s liked stories of mine that he didn’t think enough of the Analog readership would.)


    (And, although I really hesitate to bring this up because we’re competing for the same years, I’ll remind you that your John W. Campbell Award for best new writer clock has started ticking. Of course if you want to withdraw now and start campaigning for me … 😉 )

  5. Thanks, Al. Stan did show me a piece of nice mail that Trevor got, regarding, “Outbound.” So maybe you are correct, Stan is hoping reader response remains positive. I hope to heck that the next two pieces that come out, are as nicely received by Analogians as “Outbound” was. As for the John W. Campbell award, I don’t rightly understand how they pick who gets that. I am aware that I am on the “radar” but I sort of assume that WOTF is the last award I’m ever gonna get, so I don’t know how the other awards work?

  6. The Campbell (this one, there’s another completely separate one) and the Hugo are nominated and voted on the same way – by members of that year’s Worldcon. Yes, you can nominate yourself, but nominating yourself enough times to get on the ballot, or to win, would get very expensive. One membership, one vote.

    The Nebulas are similar but nominated and voted by SFWA members, so it’s even harder to rig. (Playing politics, on the other hand….)

    Plenty of other SF awards out there too, but less well known and more arcane rules about nomination and judging. E.g. for some book awards, the publisher has to submit.

  7. I just sent Stan and Trevor the e-copy for this story, so a contract should be coming shortly from Claire. I had not read this manuscript in over a year. Okay, I have to admit, it did sparkle a bit — now that it’s sold, of course. Definitely a very “voice” heavy story. I am still surprised Stan grabbed it, but now that I am refreshed as to the story contents, I am super-pleased. It’s a fun one.

    Thanks, Al, for the 411 on how the Campbell works. Hmmm, since Reno is the next WorldCon, and I might be on the ballot(s) maybe I need to renew my efforts to attend? My wife already has the money from Analog pegged for bills. Perhaps I can borrow against them for the con admission fee. Then I just have to figure out transportation and lodging. And food. Can one live off the con suite at a WorldCon? (grin)

  8. Can one live off the con suite at a WorldCon? (grin)

    I’m sure it’s been done. I’ve come close a time or two in my youth. Better at least take some vitamins with you, though. 😉 I hear the green room food for the nominees is much better, though.

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