Three new chapters on the way

My apologies for being overdue on new chapters in the Emancipated Worlds Saga. I’d intended to have two chapters up by Friday afternoon, but it was a very, very busy week for me, going into the end of the month — civilian job stuff — so I wasn’t able to get things camera-ready by Thursday night. So the plan now is to release Emancipated Worlds Saga Chapter 4 on Monday Tuesday, Chapter 5 on Wednesday, and Chapter 6 on Friday. That ought to work nicely, since next week looks to be a much lighter week for me, and with my review in the can — thank goodness for excellent bosses — I can direct a little more focus to writing. Thanks for being patient, everybody!


One thought on “Three new chapters on the way

  1. I hate it when real life gets in the way too. Can’t wait for more, great story so far, hope it gets published and everything!

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