Emancipated Worlds Saga: Eyecandy

A little something I thought I’d post, from the worldbuilding files. Click to enlarge.

Human Space - 2710 A.D.

Chapter 5 now due out Thursday, with Chapter 6 on Friday or Saturday. Next week, sanity — and a regular schedule for the chapters — resumes.


6 thoughts on “Emancipated Worlds Saga: Eyecandy

  1. Ouch, thats one hell of a frontline that EMW have to protect. That’ll stretch them pretty thin.

  2. It really makes you wonder though how many there are in the disassociated. Considering the areas there have been settled for generations before the session war the disassociated maybe a bit like… the fremen from Dune: under counted and underestimated.

  3. Yeah, I wondered if you were going to go that way with it. It’s like a giant bag of holding in space with what could be a lot of surprises.

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