35,000 words in 7 days

I dropped my wife off at the airport today. She’s headed to Denver to see her brother for the first time in ages, spend the week in a nice hotel sharing a room with a very old and very close woman friend from when we lived in Washington State, and then she’s attending the NWSA conference at the end of the week. So it ought to be an engaging and relaxing time for her, and I do think she’s earned it. Yes I do.

Of course, not having the spouse at home for a week means lots of hours open up for other projects. So I’m going to get a little crazy and challenge myself to write 35,000 words in the next 7 days. Sunday through Sunday. That’s 5,000 words a day, roughly. I think it’s do-able, provided I chop my internet surfing to less than 30 minutes daily and write both in the morning before work and at night after I tuck my daughter into bed. Ostensibly I’d polish off another two chapters of Emancipated Worlds, get at least one more new short piece of fiction out to market, and devote the rest of the wordage to my novel draft that’s going to Baen at the end of the year.


5 thoughts on “35,000 words in 7 days

  1. Sweet, Brad. I think I’ll join you 😉 I’ve gotta get caught up in my bet with Amanda (I’m about 11k behind where I should be).

    Good luck! Looking forward to seeing those EWS chapters 🙂

  2. Ha! go you crazy thing you.

    That will be a pretty sweet accomplishment, Brad. On my lunch break today i wrote 1400 words and I was pretty stoked with that. 5000 a day would be sweet.

    Are you going to have time to finish the novel draft and edit before the end of the year or are you going to offer it in draft or just get the query out once the draft is done?

  3. 1,400 for a lunch break is excellent production, John. Wish I could always be that productive on my breaks, which I am not. Usually because I am a chronic web surfer. As for the novel, this one is owed on request — complete — after the publisher asked to see it, based on a query package I’d sent out in February: cover letter + synopsis + first 3 chapters.

  4. Hi Brad,

    My lunch break is the only time i get to write, so it makes me quite focused. Its normally around a 1000 words in an hour.

    Good work on the novel query! Thats a win just to get a ‘tell me more’.

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