Pressing the reset button

It’s after 2 AM and I am about to head to bed. My wife gets home from Denver tomorrow, and life can resume its normal schedule. Overall, this past week wasn’t anything like I hoped it would be. Then again, not everything about it was bad. Got to spend some one-on-one Daddy-daughter time, including a matinee viewing of the movie Megamind, which turned out to be both visually impressive and very enjoyable in the story department. Kudos to the writers and the actors for inhabiting their characters with skill and savor. I enjoyed it quite a bit. Am tempted to compare it to The Incredibles, as there are shared themes between the two movies — focused as they are on the tropes of superhero and supervillain. Anyway, that was fun. And as mentioned in the previous post, I did resurrect my Compaq CQ5500F writing computer with a new operating system: Windows XP. Because the honest truth is that I’d run out of patience for Windows 7 and Office 2007 alike. And as much trouble as it was getting Windows XP loaded to the new machine — driver madness — I am much happier with the unit now. Much.

One thing I’ve been trying to do — along with getting my shit organized and systematically coherent — is not cry too much over spilled milk. Like my wife can tell you, I tend to be a brooder, and a what-if-then kind of guy. Not glass half empty per se, but just too much fretting over mistakes and goof-ups. Case in point, I went into last week with a lot of gusto — hubris? — and got my ass handed to me. Ordinarily that would mean this coming week would be snared as I got down on myself and got down in the dumps about having not made the kind of progress I’d wanted during the week prior; grumpy grump grump. But I’ve got to throttle back on that sort of stuff. It’s not helping anything, and in fact is rather corrosive on my plans for the future, because I need my head focused on the present and what follows immediately thereafter, not what just happened. Can’t be rearranging deck chairs on the Titanic. Unless, of course, there is a sellable story in it! (say, now…)

So, I am pressing the reset button. The old Nintendo NES had one. So did the old Atari 2600, though in Atari’s case it was a sort of spring-loaded lever/switch. When the game went sour, you just reached out and *BLINK* the game was refreshed and you were back at ground level again. Of course, sometimes even that never satisfied. Who else remembers physically ripping the old Atari and Activision game cartridges out of the 2600? So that you could sit there and fume at the test-pattern-like stripes on the TV and listen to the speaker go WEEEEE or BOOOOOO or UNNNNNNNN moronically? Yah, I did that a lot too. Was always told it would wipe the cartridges. Never happened. Hah!

It’s a new week, the second I pick my head up off the pillow. A fresh start. The past is gone, never to be recovered. Back at ground level again. Plenty to do, and 7 days in which to do it. Looking forward to it, in fact.


4 thoughts on “Pressing the reset button

  1. I only got about 11k words done this past week, so I failed the 35k also. But hey, something is better than nothing, right?

    Yep, new week, just hit reset button 🙂 Or Ctrl-Z 🙂

  2. Hey Torgersen, that story of yours in the Writers of the Future anthology kicks ass. Let me tell you that I was somewhat iffy about the prospect of clone on clone sex, but you humanized it well.

    Glad to see those MREs didn’t shrivel up your brain. Hopefully one day your other Finalist stories will be published somewhere.


  3. Thanks Lou! I’ve got a story out in the November issue of Analog Science Fiction & Fact magazine, along with two more coming in future issues of the same publication. So watch this space for announcements as things develop. Glad you liked “Exanastasis.”

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