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Fictioneer for 2011

It’s an old debate: are writers authors, or are writers writers? Technically, an author is a writer who has written, but most pros I admire abhor the word, standing on the argument that writers write — active tense — while … Continue reading

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I got 3 rejection slips for Christmas

You know what I got for Christmas? 3 rejection slips from major short fiction publishers: two paper, one electronic. Oh, and I also got the rest of the DVD sets to complete my collection of Star Trek: The Next Generation … Continue reading

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TRON Legacy: A Modern Fairy Tale?

I did it. I went and saw TRON Legacy again. It was even better the second time around! Just as visually awe-inspiring as the first time, but more thematically deep. NOTE: This post contains major spoilers for the movie! So … Continue reading

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TRON Legacy is a spectacular sequel!

There are spoilers below the cut on this, so if you don’t want me ruining anything for you about TRON Legacy, don’t click! Suffice to say that it was a wonderfully entertaining spectacle of a film, gorgeously rendered. The 3D … Continue reading

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Brad’s 2011 Writing Goals

Even more than 2009, the year of 2010 was my best year ever, in terms of selling fiction. Things got off to a great start with the sale of my novelette, “Outbound,” to Dr. Stan Schmidt at Analog Science Fiction … Continue reading

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Space Opera rides again with Raygun Revival Relaunch!

I just got word on this, so I wanted to shout it out for the reading (and writing) masses. Raygun Revival is returning! Every Day Publishing has picked up the cosmic six-shooter and is bringing it back. First issue looks … Continue reading

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Emancipated Worlds Saga: Chapter 5

CHAPTER 5 The EWW Independence was one of the oldest ships in the Force Fleet. Like most of her sisters, Independence was of pre-War build, designed for interstellar policing and peacekeeping, not ship-to-ship melee. She had troop compliment and aerospace … Continue reading

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