Space Opera rides again with Raygun Revival Relaunch!

I just got word on this, so I wanted to shout it out for the reading (and writing) masses. Raygun Revival is returning! Every Day Publishing has picked up the cosmic six-shooter and is bringing it back. First issue looks to go-live in February of 2011. What is Raygun Revival, you ask? I’ll let the magazine itself do the talking:

Ray Gun Revival (RGR) is an online magazine dedicated to fun stories, grand escapism, and good old sensawunda. RGRl provides just that, a throwback publication that revisits space opera and golden age sci-fi. Their stories focus more on character development than hard science and sail all the wide-open waters between science fantasy and harder SF. Think of the original Star Wars stories, Doc Smith’s Lensman series, the Warlord of Mars tales from Edgar Rice Burroughs. Think of everything from John Carter and Gully Foyle to Kimball Kinnison and Han Solo. They are bringing out the deepest elements of what has traditionally been rather superficial fiction and updating them for a new generation of fiction enthusiasts.

Are you excited? I’m excited! I’ve been saying quite a bit lately that Science Fiction has gone too far away from its pulp roots. Look at the box office and you’ll see: action-packed character-driven SF can and does do quite well. But where can one find this sort of two-fisted stuff at short story length? Looks like Raygun Revival will be (re)filling the bill. Two words: WOO HOO!


3 thoughts on “Space Opera rides again with Raygun Revival Relaunch!

  1. Yes, Earthlings,
    The dread Overlords are returning from a technical hiatus with the long-awaited RGR 2.0 thanks to hosting services offered by WotF winner Jordan Lapp and the Every Day Fiction staff.

    After losing our long-time Terran internet host, the Overlords were prepared to hibernate for awhile. We were approached by Jordan and his staff. The discussion was brief but effective.

    EDF: So, what are you guys doing these days?
    Overlords: Overlords.
    EDF: Pardon me?
    Overlords: We’re not ‘you guys,’ we’re Overlords.
    EDF: Er. Very well. What are you ‘Overlords’ doing these days?
    Overlords: Nothing much. We thought we’d pick up that basket weaving class we’ve always we’ve always had our many eyes on. And also a nap. Much napping.
    EDF: Do you have an internet host at the moment?
    Overlords: Sort of. If it will make this conversation shorter, we’ll say ‘yes.’
    EDF: Assuming you do have hosting, I understand you’re planning to revert from a token-payment publication to 4theluv, which is to say, nothing?
    Overlords: It pleases us to make humans suffer. So, yes.
    EDF: Is there anything we can say to change your mind?
    Overlords: MindS. Plural. I mean, we technically have one hive mind, but three manifestations. And, no, our minds is made up. Are made up. We’re definitely going to vaporize your puny planet, and then maybe take a nap.
    EDF: Uhuh. What if we hosted your little site and paid semi-pro rates?
    Overlords: We have decided to spare your puny planet. Where do we sign?

    And that was that. Far be it from us to deprive the peoples of your little orb from the mind-altering information cleverly disguised as fiction contained in the digital pages of our communiques.

    Technically speaking, we are now accepting submissions, and are actively recruiting Slushmasters, valued slushpile editors. Slushmasters play a critical part to play in what does or doesn’t make it into the pages of Ray Gun Revival. We’re looking for readers who have the following:
    * love space opera / golden age sci-fi stories
    * knows what works in a short story
    * has a great evil laugh (because it’s all about Standards)
    * is opinionated / can explain in summary why or why not something works for them
    * prefer people who are also writers, but will take well-read readers as well
    * flexible reading schedule
    * are willing to pitch in to help a new semi-pro ‘zine
    * are interested in what goes on behind-the-scenes of a sci-fi magazine
    * self-starter
    * is strong enough to stand up for one’s principles and yet maintain appropriate reverence for the fearsome Overlords
    * has a sense of humor and understands this is all a shtick covering a more serious, high-powered science fiction magazine

    You may thank Jordan, Camille, and Steven at EDF for your stay of execution. That is all.

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