TR3N gets green light?

A little cyber-bird landed on my shoulder and whispered to me that not only has Disney been pleased with TRON Legacy’s box office take thusfar, but that a threequel — call it TR3N until an actual title is developed — has been green-lit, with details and teaser footage for the third film to be released on the DVD and Blu-Ray release of TRON Legacy and the re-release of the original TRON.

This doesn’t surprised me. TRON Legacy cruised past $300,000,000 world-wide box office, and still has several significant foreign markets — like France and Germany — to penetrate. World-wide box office is sure to crest $350,000,000 by the end of January, and stands a good chance of reaching $400,000,000 world-wide box office before the movie exits theaters later this year. That’s not including merchandise sales and eventual DVD/Blu-Ray sales, which will drive total profit ever higher. Having learned a bit about how Hollyweird keeps its books — while at the latest Superstars Writing Seminar — it became clear to me (based on current numbers) that a TRON threequel was all but inevitable. Only a seriously terrible opening weekend and/or seriously declining returns in the wake of a terrible opening, could have doomed the franchise. Neither of which happened.

I am therefore anxious to see what Disney has planned for the third film. I certainly hope they’ve got a decent writing team put together. Because TRON Legacy poses as many questions as it answers, and there will be some fancy footwork necessary to explain and/or tie up some of the loose ends that were left. I am sure the SFX will be there — as they were for Legacy, which was gorgeously rendered — but the writing will have to stand up in ways that it didn’t necessarily have to stand up in Legacy.

I said something similar after seeing the reboot of Star Trek. Having done the hard chore of re-introducing the franchise — as Legacy just did for TRON — now the real work begins. Telling a quality story that respects the success of the last film, while also building towards new possibilities. Handled properly and with an eye to arc, TR3N could open the TRONiverse up a great deal, moving us into new territory and expanding the franchise.

Here’s to hoping. End… no… BEGINNING of line!


3 thoughts on “TR3N gets green light?

  1. As long as they bring back Tron/Rinzler, I’m good. The move was Grade A awesome. My only gripe with Disney thus far is as soon as they started promoting Legacy, they TOOK THE ORIGINAL OFF THE SHELVES. What the crap Disney? Seriously? Did you not think people would want to catch up or relive a memory? I am very disappointed.

  2. I think Disney wanted to prep audiences for the re-release of the original TRON as part of a planned DVD-BluRay splurge some time later this year. I still have my 20th anniversary DVD double-disc set they put out when they release the TRON 2.0 video game, but am curious to see if the new DVD has more material that might make it worth purchasing? Of course, it goes without saying I am very excited to get Legacy on DVD. But not quite as excited as my daughter, who literally chatters about how cool TRON Legacy was — like, every day.

  3. Anticipate a world beyond the Grid, where Kevin Flynn, no longer a “physical” being has reached a “god-like” status. Sam Flynn will return to the Grid along with vixen, Quorra. Cillian Murphy will portray the new antagonist since CLU was re-absorbed by the elder Flynn. I foresee Tron making a reappearance at some point. Some analogy along the lines of John the Baptist and Jesus Christ, where Tron will portray the character of JtB and the younger Flynn will symbolize JC. Hope I haven’t ruined the thrillogy of it all.

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