First sale of 2011?

There are still some dominoes that have to fall, but it appears I might have my first fiction sale of 2011 lined up. It’ll be my first collaboration too, and with an award-winning long-established author to boot. I can’t say much more than that until things develop further, but I’m rather geeked about this. If all goes well, the anthology with our story in it will be appearing in 2012. Color me excited!

(ETA: got a message indicating that I might be doing not just one, but now two stories with this author, for different anthologies. Kevin J. Anderson’s “popcorn” analogy in action!)

I would add that this is the kind of thing I could not have planned for, and is a direct result of my having won the Writers of the Future contest. So it bears repeating: the Writers of the Future contest is not just a book or a trophy. It’s a chance to meet (potentially) dozens of authors all working at various levels, and the networking and relationships which come from that can resonate through a career in all sorts of beneficial, unintended ways. If you haven’t entered the Contest yet, or haven’t taken it that seriously, for goodness sakes, ENTER THE CONTEST AND TAKE IT SERIOUSLY! If you write science fiction or fantasy — of any sort — you owe it to yourself to put a story in to the Contest once per quarter.