Portlandia is comedy gold!

My wife alerted me to the fact we get IFC free for a month, and she did it by showing me Fred Armisen’s project, “Portlandia.” Honestly, I have not laughed so hard at a half-hour comedy program in many, many years. It’s absolutely not for everyone, because it brilliantly lampoons a certain segment of the Pacific Northwest — a certain mentality. As a former resident, I found the caricatures to be pitch-perfect, dead spot on. Again, this will NOT be funny for some people! In fact, it is liable to offend some people! Like most good comedy. Just don’t say I didn’t warn you.

The trailer for the series.


The Dream of the 90s video.


“Is it local?” — sketch comedy.


“Put a bird on it!” — fake commercial.


Women for Women bookstore — sketch comedy, pt. 1


Women for Women bookstore — sketch comedy, pt. 2

As I noted above, I used to live in the Pacific Northwest. If you haven’t lived there, some of this stuff won’t seem that funny. In fact, I am quite sure the reason I fell off my couch in tears is because I lived there. Angry bicycle guy. The Women for Women bookstore. The earnest, vacant customers at the organic food restaurant. And on and on and on. This is very much the Pacific Northwest — or at least a certain segment of it. Call it the Cluelessly Progressive segment: a kind of self-absorbed, shallow, imitation ideology culture. The same sort of people who gradually got under my skin when I lived and worked in the Puget Sound, such that seeing them gorgeously mocked in the way Portlandia mocks them was a near-religious experience.

Dear Lord, someone else finds these people as ridiculous as I do!


6 thoughts on “Portlandia is comedy gold!

  1. My wife & I saw the first episode last week and were in howling! We live in Everett, WA and have friends in Portland, so we’ve seen the gamut and the show is right on target.

  2. Yes, yes, someone else who has seen these people and knows how on-target Portlandia is! Yes! Sadly, I feel this kind of show won’t last on IFC. I am not sure enough viewers will get it in order for it to have staying power. But I am glad someone finally did this show — I’ve wanted to see something like this for years.

  3. Saw the first episode Thursday night, and I was also howling with laughter. Never been to Portland, but the pretentious, neo-hippie culture is something I’ve seen my share of as far east as the Midwest. Some really brilliant writing, and even better acting. Would probably buy the first volume of a DVD release.

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