Frak it, I am going to WorldCon 2011!

I’d written off doing WorldCon, for various reasons related to professional decisions — us new writer folk still gotta try to get the most bang for our convention bucks — but I’ve been talked into going by my (soon to be announced) collaborator. A venerable name in science fiction, and a man I absolutely trust to know what he is talking about. So, I shall be appearing at both World Science Fiction Convention and World Fantasy Convention. Money? Time off from work? Trivialities! I shall live on Top Ramen and bunk at the Motel 6! I can float the trips on my Diner’s Club card! Insanity! (smirk) Seriously, this is a 180-degree decision for me, but it feels like the right thing to do. WorldCon won’t ever be this close to Utah again — not for many years. And I’ve got too many good reasons to go.


4 thoughts on “Frak it, I am going to WorldCon 2011!

  1. Okay, you need to e-mail me and spill the beans on this collaboration of yours. 🙂

    Also, I don’t have a hotel room for Reno yet if you’re looking for somebody to split with. There’s a group from Utah riding down on a train, but I might drive. Not sure yet.

  2. And… I’ll be there! That’s like 9 million reasons to go right there 😉 Maybe we can get a panel together on Heinlein’s Rules or something and break people’s minds. (Also, you’ll get to meet my husband if we can pry him away from the table-top gaming rooms).

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