LTUE reminder, this coming weekend!

Brigham Young University’s Life, The Universe & Everything symposium is happening this coming weekend. Below is an adjusted schedule of panels on which I’ll be appearing. L.E. Modesitt, Jr. will unfortunately not be attending due to a health crisis in his immediate family — hopefully everything turns out well for Lee, who is an excellent panelist with decades of writing and publishing experience. He will be missed.

But as you can see, even for the four panels I am doing, we’ve got tons of experience — some of it bestselling. If you’ve never attended before, and are in the area this weekend, please drop in! Fans welcome, artists welcome, writers welcome! Students — of any description, from any school — get in free. Otherwise, price for the weekend is a modest $25.

More details can be obtained at the official web site:

– Slush Piles and what not to do when submitting your writing.
(Ami Chopine, Lisa Mangum, Brad R. Torgersen, James Dashner)

– Characters’ morals/theology vs. authors’ morals/theology.
(Aleta Clegg, Tracy Hickman, Brad R. Torgersen, James Dashner)

– What I wish I had done, if I could do it all over again – A Guide to New Writers.
(Lisa Mangum, Brad R. Torgersen, Kathleen Dalton-Woodbury, Dave Wolverton)

SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 20 – 12:00 PM (noon)
– Military on Military SF.
(Frank Hennis, Steve Harmon, Roger White, Brad R. Torgersen)

I’ll also be selling and signing copies of Writers of The Future vol. 26 for anyone who is interested in grabbing a copy. The signing is in room 1188 at 3 PM on Saturday, though if you can catch me any time during the three days and let me know you want a copy, I am sure I’ll be able to get it to you. I got a box of fresh books in from Galaxy Press this week — sold out at the Superstars Writing Seminar — so get them while the getting is good.

See you there!


One thought on “LTUE reminder, this coming weekend!

  1. Wheeeee! I can’t wait! It’s going to be three days of epic writing nerdness!

    I’ll be coming to Military on Military SF, and maybe two of the others.

    See ya there.

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