First sale to Intergalactic Medicine Show

W00T! Now that I have the go-ahead from Edmund Schubert, I am pleased to announce my first sale to Orson Scott Card’s on-line short fiction magazine, Intergalactic Medicine Show. I’d facebooked about this and spread the word in other places, but I didn’t want to blog about it until it I had the OK from Edmund. It’s quite exciting to be breaking ground in a new market. Since its inception I have regarded Intergalactic Medicine Show — IGMS for short — as one of the premiere on-line markets in science fiction. Which is saying something, considering the proliferation and quality of on-line science fiction markets. This marks my fifth pro sale under my own steam; and my third of the year, overall, counting my collaborations with Big Name Author — which I will be able to talk about more once the ink is drying on those deals as well.

On my little “success” page, I’ve had my 5th pro short fiction sale pegged as a milestone. Certainly I’d not expected to reach it this quickly, following my break-in with Writers of the Future. It’s nice to feel like I am kind of hitting my stride, at least for a new guy. After so many years of… chirping crickets. Nobody ever told me it would take so long or be so much work to establish myself as a published author, but the effort and wait have made these sales all the more enjoyable.

Huge thanks, Edmund! When the story comes out, I will be sure to blog the link. Meanwhile, please do hop over and take a look at the very latest issue.


11 thoughts on “First sale to Intergalactic Medicine Show

  1. Always send your best to WOTF first. That was my policy. Until you disqualify yourself due to pro sales — what they call pro-ing out — you should definitely make sure you’ve got your hat in the ring with WOTF every quarter. Your best stories, period. Give yourself every chance to win. It totally pays off! Which is not to say IGMS is a lesser market, it’s not. I just recommend that everyone still eligible to win WOTF make their best effort to do so.

  2. Great market; Nice sale! Congratulations, both on the sale itself and on hitting another of your milestones. You seem to have been hitting them pretty fast, too, since Exanastasis (which was a very enjoyable read, by the way). The future seems to be looking brighter and brighter for Mr. Torgersen every day, heh?

  3. Thanks everyone. Thanks indeed. It’s nice being able to break new ground in a new market. Hopefully I can say that once or twice more this year too. I’m still kind of floating around on a cloud. All the years of zilch, and it seems to finally be paying off. Too much fun.

  4. Been a while since I last swung by your site and–BAM!–first thing I see is another notch in your belt. Congrats on your 5th pro sale. You are seriously kicking ass and taking names.

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