Two new novelettes available via Kindle

I’ve got an additional two new novelettes out on the Kindle platform now. Some of you have asked if these are going to be available via Nook, and the answer is yes. I will take some time this week to look at Nook specifications. Hopefully converting the .html over to .epub for Nook isn’t too much work. Because I’ll be honest, converting .doc to .html so that it looks right in the Kindle format… is a chore! Still it’s a lot of fun doing covers for these. I get to unleash my inner graphic artist.

Thanks in advance for the buys, gang! At 99 cents US it’s a steal for your e-reader or mobile device, or the Kindle app if you have it installed to your PC or laptop like I do.


5 thoughts on “Two new novelettes available via Kindle

  1. Cool.

    I bought A Simple Movement and Blood and Mirrors, but it’s telling me Cauldron of Souls isn’t currently available.

  2. Thanks so much for buying me, Danny! I hope you feel the investment is worth it. As for the third novelette showing as unavailable, sorry about that. Amazon KDP tells me it’ll be “released” tomorrow. I’ll have to remember to give myself at least a 48 hour pause on the next one, to be sure everything is fully “up” before I post to the blog.

  3. I’ve found that the simplest thing to do is take your Smashwords document and upload it to B&N. It’s a fast upload and I didn’t have any errors. The HTML conversion eluded me completely.

    I look forward to the Nook versions!

  4. Linked to your 3 covers via your comment on Dean Wesley Smith’s blog; just wanted to say that I loved the “Cauldron” cover.

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