“The Bullfrog Radio Astronomy Project” now appearing in the October 2011 issue of Analog

I’m pleased to announce that the October 2011 issue of Analog — containing my story, “The Bullfrog Radio Astronomy Project” — is now available for general public purchase. Barnes & Noble tends to have paper copies on the magazine racks, though you can always grab a Kindle or Nook issue electronically.

This story was a treat to sell, if only because it had such a long genesis. Its roots go all the way back to 2002 when I was noodling around with the (not terribly new) idea that maybe the problem with SETI (the Search for Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence) is that we’re spending all of our time listening, when what we maybe ought to be doing is talking?

I won’t spill any more beans, because I’m inviting you to grab the issue and take a look. Though I will say up front that this is one story that Stan Schmidt, in his acceptance letter, said tacitly implied a sequel. And so I shall write it, though probably not for a month or so yet. I’ve got other writing work piled up to my eyeballs — nice problem — and there is WorldCon starting tomorrow.

ETA: I should also mention that award-winner Mike Resnick and I sold our collaboration, “Guard Dog,” to Bryan Thomas Schmidt, who is editing the SPACE WARS anthology for Flying Pen Press. Big thanks Bryan, I am glad — we are glad! — that you enjoyed the story. Hopefully the readers will too.

About Brad R. Torgersen

Science Fiction & Fantasy Author - Hugo, Nebula, and Campbell award nominee
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2 Responses to “The Bullfrog Radio Astronomy Project” now appearing in the October 2011 issue of Analog

  1. Al Meyer says:

    Very entertaining story – keep it up!

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