Correia, Kupari: Dead Six

My friend Larry Correia’s got a new book hitting the stands soon. Larry’s a New York Times bestseller who exploded onto the scene two years ago with his first book, Monster Hunter International. Since then he’s written multiple sequels to the original, as well as new books in new series, including some collaborations, such as the novel below:

I haven’t read the ARC for Dead Six yet, but knowing Larry’s skill this will be one hell of a fun romp. Mike Kupari’s also a USAF vet currently doing time in that very special orifice of the world, known as Afghanistan. I’ve said it before: Afghanistan and Iraq are not fun. They are, in fact, fairly miserable places to be if you’re an American serviceman or woman stuck far from home and family. Everybody who knows Larry is hoping Mike makes it back home safe; all his fingers and all his toes, both eyes, both balls, and his nose.

And what better way to welcome Mike back home than to help Larry ensure that Dead Six is a success right out of the box? Doubtless Larry’s hordes of loyal MHI minions are already on the case, but I wanted to do what little I could to increase the coverage. Because Larry’s a heck of a writer, a heck of a nice guy, and I have a compulsion for helping out fellow servicemembers when and where I am able.

So here it is. Dead Six. Intrigue. Espionage. Blackmailing badassery. And, knowing Larry, some of the most accurate firearms descriptions known to the literary world. It has the word ‘bona-fide explodeygasm’ written all over it. I am ordering my copy! How about you?