It’s the trifecta of awards nominations!

The news is official now, from the lips of George R.R. Martin and Dave McCarty: I am a nominee for not only the Hugo award, for best novelette, for my story, “Ray of Light,” I am also a nominee for the Campbell award for best new professional science fiction and fantasy writer. Honestly, considering how long I languished in the land of the unpublished, it’s quite shocking to see myself on these lists! Nebula, Hugo, and Campbell. All at the same time. I am told only a handful of writers have ever been on all three at once. (gulp) No pressure, right? My enormous thanks go out to all the readers and writers who chose to give me their vote of confidence this year. You had a very large, very deep field of writers from whom to choose. Many, many excellent stories. It’s humbling, heartening, and gratifying to know that I made the cut. I hope to do all of you proud, but win or lose and perhaps more importantly, I hope to continue producing material that is worthy of your support and capable of providing you with both satisfaction and enjoyment. Thank you, everybody!

Edit to add: the home page has been revamped, to include a web store for e-book versions of my material, including the award-nominee, “Ray of Light.” Click here to jump to the store! Lots of stories available for Kindle and Nook, including links to some of the anthologies I am featured in.


17 thoughts on “It’s the trifecta of awards nominations!

  1. That must be incredibly exciting! And what a birthday week you are having.

  2. Very well deserved, Brad! If you pull it off, that will make you the third “triple crown” winner in history, I believe.

  3. Congrats, Brad.
    I remember following along your blog before Writers of the Future. Yay me! No. Yay you, Son of Torgersen. And yay Scalzi, the glacial spring that whets our deer palates. dear, beer, bear . . . struggling with dastardly homonyms and vowels tonight. Wretched beasts.
    From Seoul,

  4. Congrats, Brad. I’ve been following you for a while, since the late 00s on Whatever. Well deserved, dear boy.

  5. Hello Brad, Iยดm working as the foreign rights editor in the Czech SF/F magazine XB-1 and we are interested in some of your short stories. Please, contact me on my e-mail adress for more. Best, Martin.

  6. Thanks so much, everybody! I am enjoying my stint on the ballots this year. Win or lose, it’s very gratifying to be experiencing the signal boost provided. I am just happy the reader response has been so positive. Awards are one thing, but happy readers are the whole point of the operation.

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