“The Exchange Officers” sold to Analog Science Fiction and Fact

I am pleased to announce that my novelette, “The Exchange Officers,” has officially sold to Stanley Schmidt and Analog Science Fiction and Fact magazine. And if I may butter Stan up a little, I’d like to lobby (again) for Stan as Best Professional Editor, Short Form, on the Hugo award ballot for World Science Fiction Convention 2012. That’s Chicon 7 for those in the know. Stan’s worked with me on several short stories and novelettes, and in each instance I have found his edits to be precise, technically apt, and they always improve the piece. He is patient, gentlemanly, and a pleasure to work with. How many careers has he helped usher into the field? How many of us continue to enjoy his effort on our behalf? How long has Analog provided us with a home for our work? Surely, at some point, the mass aggregate of Stan’s astounding (pun intended!) editorial accomplishment must be recognized. Please, give Stan your vote this year. He absolutely deserves it. I felt that way before working with Stan, and I feel twice as strongly about my opinion after working with Stan. He is, quite simply, a wonderful professional. When we don’t have him anymore, we will regret it deeply. I am certain of this in my bones.


5 thoughts on ““The Exchange Officers” sold to Analog Science Fiction and Fact

  1. Heh, thanks everybody. I do believe my sale-to-rejection ratio is now on the order of 2-to-1 or better. It’s nice to know I can send material to Stan and believe it’s got a very good chance of selling every time. A welcome change from the endless rejections of a few years ago.

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