CONduit weekend, Nebulas, interviews, etc.

This weekend is the 22nd annual CONduit general science fiction and fantasy convention in Salt Lake City. CONduit will be conducted at the Salt Lake City Radisson hotel (downtown) and generally hosts a variety of fannish and skiffist activities for all comers, all ages. Currently I am scheduled for four panels:

– Writing Point of View (Friday, 1 PM)
– Short Fiction – A Doorway to Professional Publishing (Friday, 8 PM)
– Playing in Someone else’s Sandbox (Saturday, 3 PM)
– Getting Your Stuff Published (Sunday, 10 AM)

I will probably be handing out some copies of L. Ron Hubbard’s Writers of the Future vol. 28 at the Friday 8 PM panel — an enticement for the dedicated (or the desperate!) to attend. Supplies limited. I will probably make it a first-in-seat, first-serve kind of thing. My apologies for not having an unlimited number of copies. These are a box of books left over from the Superstars Writing Seminar in Vegas this past April, so I think I have about 10 to 12 books to pass out. Again, first-in-seat, first-served.

In other news, my fellow Analog author Jamie Todd Rubin did a very fun interview with me over at the SF Signal web site. I’ve gotten requests for a number of interviews since making the Nebula, Hugo, and Campbell award ballots, and Jamie’s was an extensive — and enjoyable — exercise for me. I don’t often get to think about why things have been happening for me the way they’ve been happening, until someone asks the right questions. So thanks, Jamie.

Fellow Writers of the Future alumnus and author of the well-known Goblin series Jim Hines also did an interview with me, as part of his Campbell Nominees string of interviews with all of us who are on the Campbell award ballot for 2012. Like with Jamie’s interview, I sometimes don’t really think about certain aspects of my career progress until someone asks the right question. Thank you, Jim. I appreciate the signal boost, and I know the other Campbell nominees do too.

Rounding things out, my friend and Writers of the Future alumnus and Analog author Patty Jansen posted an interview with me just today. In it I discuss military science fiction and how my being in the military has changed the way I approach military-themed stories. I also do a bit of plugging for favorite authors and/or series of military science fiction. Hat tip: STEN series, by Pulitzer nominees Allan Cole & Chris Bunch.

Speaking of signal boost, I want to thank everyone who supported me, either verbally, or with a ballot, during the 2012 Nebula awards season. It was a huge amount of fun being on the ballot — for the category of Best Novelette — with so many other terrific and talented and hard-working writers. Congratulations to Geoff Ryman, who finally took home the prize — he’d been nominated four times previously, so big win for him! And congratulations again to Rachel Swirsky, Ferrett Steinmetz, Charlie Jane Anders, Katherine Sparrow, and Jake Kerr — my comrades in my category. The Nebula is a peer award — only members of the Science Fiction & Fantasy Writers of America can vote on it — so it’s a wonderful thing to be recognized, either as a nominee or a winner. Did any of us mind losing? I don’t think so. As competitions go, it’s a gentlemanly competition. Or at least that was my experience. I suspect most of us — especially the fairly new people — were just flabbergasted to even be shortlisted. Ferrett did a great follow-up article about how he felt as a nominee and an attendee at the Nebula weekend. Check it out.

I’m still in the running for the Campbell and the Hugo, though. For you who may be attending Chicon 7 in Chicago later this year, or who have supporting memberships, the voter packets for the Hugo and the Campbell are now live and can be downloaded as part of your membership. Do take a look — if you haven’t read any of us who are on those ballots, now is your chance. Gratis!

I have other good news — which I can’t reveal here — but which I might talk a bit about with friends over the weekend. I ought to be able to reveal publicly within the next two or three weeks. Not hugely earth-shattering, but worthy of a nerdgasm on my part. Like I said on facebook, this kind of fringe benefit is something I can’t imagine having while writing in any other genre. Which is one of the many reasons why I *LOVE* being a science fiction and fantasy writer. It’s a hell of a fun genre!


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  1. I am SO incredibly proud of you. Your example of perseverance and dedication are appreciated and admired. You are a great man and I am proud to know you and call you friend.

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