February Update: LTUE 2013

Life just keeps getting busier. January was a bang-up month for me, with two short fiction sales and several writing checks coming over the transom. As always — when the money spigot turns itself on — I am reminded of the fact that a good many academic creative writers insist (sometimes hotly) that there is no money to be made in fiction. You’re lucky if you get a spot in a journal or chapbook that pays contributors copies. Boy, am I glad I listened to my mentors, all full-time professionals! They insisted that if I worked hard and could learn as I went, some day I’d be making cash. Good cash. I am pleased to report that my mentors have been right. Never let anyone tell you there is no money in this biz.

So, in addition to my novella “The Chaplain’s Assistant” appearing in a future issue of Analog magazine, I can now report that my story “The Bricks of Eta Cassiopeiea” is going to be appearing in an anthology titled BEYOND THE SUN, edited by Bryan Thomas Schmidt. My novelette “The Flamingo Girl” will also be published in the forthcoming electronic magazine GALAXY’S EDGE, from Arc Manor; edited by my friend and mentor Mike Resnick.

And if you’re local to the Mountain West you seriously need to consider coming out for Life, The Universe, and Everything, the premiere annual symposium dedicated to artists and writers working professionally (or seeking to work professionally) in the speculative and fantastic arts. I’m a Special Guest this year, along with friends Eric James Stone, James A. Owen, David Farland (Wolverton), L.E. Modesitt, Jr., Tracy Hickman, and Larry Correia.

The LTUE web site can be found at www.ltue.net.

My schedule is below (subject to change, which I will reflect here.)

Thursday, February 14
What Do You Write? @ 12:00 PM
How to Research Genre; and Sub-Genre.
Panelists: Dan Willis, Brad R. Torgersen, Eric Swedin, Scott R. Parkin (M), Dave Wolverton, Megan Whalen Turner.
Adapting Classic Stories to Modern Settings @ 2:00 PM
Panelists: Andrea Pearson, Brad R. Torgersen, Michelle Witte, Kathleen Dalton-Woodbury, Mette Ivie Harrison.
Space Eldritch @ 6:00 PM
Contributing artists and writers discuss the anthology.
Panelists: David West, Michael R. Collings, Carter Reid, Howard Tayler (M), Brad R. Torgersen, David Butler, Robert J Defendi, Jr., Nathan Shumate.

Friday, February 15
Writers of the Future @ 3:00 PM
Contest Coordinating Judge David Farland (Wolverton) discusses this premier entry point into the world of science fiction and fantasy publication. Panel also includes notable recent winners.
Panelists: David Farland (Wolverton) (M), Eric James Stone, Robert J. Defendi, Brad R. Torgersen, Kathleen Dalton Woodbury.

Saturday, February 16
What You Need to Know to Write Science Fiction or Fantasy @ 10:00 AM
Panelists: Scott R. Parkin, Brad R. Torgersen, Eric James Stone, Deren Hansen, Jaleta Clegg (M), Dave Wolverton.

So if you’re going to be at LTUE and you know me from the intarwebz, don’t be shy about coming up and introducing yourself. I am always grateful to meet people face-to-face whom I have only known previously via social media.

The Utah professional writer/artist community is arguably one of the most robust in the country. You owe it to yourself to come to LTUE and rub elbows with bestsellers and up-and-comers alike. It’s just $25 for three days of jam-packed panels where you can get invaluable insight, ideas, information, and (perhaps most importantly) inspiration.

I went to my first LTUE in February of 2009, after many years of futility and no professional fiction sales. I won Writers of the Future in November 2009, and have been cranking along nicely ever since.



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  1. Hello Brad,

    I run a podcast that’s connected to a new writing contest. Given your multi-major contest winner status, we would love to interview you for the podcast. Do you think you might have some time during LTUE?

    Perhaps after the “Adapting Classic Stories” panel on Thursday?


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