Official BOOK BOMB! for Lights in the Deep is now underway!

Do please drop over to one of the many outlets below. There are paper and electronic options from multiple vendors.

Introduction 1 by Stanley Schmidt
Introduction 2 by Mike Resnick
Introduction 3 by Allan Cole
Outbound *
Gemini 17
Influences: Allan Cole & Chris Bunch
The Bullfrog Radio Astronomy Project
Exiles of Eden
Writer Dad: Mike Resnick
The Exchange Officers
Essay: On the Rise of Fantasy and the Waning of Science Fiction
The Chaplain’s Assistant
The Chaplain’s Legacy
The Hero’s Tongue: Larry Niven
Exanastasis **
Ray of Light ***

* AnLab readers’ choice award winner.
** Writers of the Future award winner.
*** Hugo and Nebula award nominee.

► AMAZON: $4.99 US – Lights in the Deep ebook.
► AMAZON: $15.99 US – Lights in the Deep trade paperback.
► B&N $4.99 US – Lights in the Deep ebook and trade paperback.
► KOBO: $4.99 – Lights in the Deep ebook.
► SMASHWORDS: $4.99 – Lights in the Deep ebook.
► BAEN LIBRARY: $5.99 – Lights in the Deep ebook.

EDIT – 8:25 AM, Sept 17: The Monday book bomb was a far bigger success than I could have possibly anticipated, and Lights in the Deep is still going strong. Currently ranked #9 in Hard SF, #9 in Tech SF, and #13 in Post-Apocalyptic SF, all at My huge thanks to everybody who has participated, purchased a copy, and is currently reading the book. Some of you have already posted very nice reviews. That warms my heart and tells me I’ve done my job well. May I continue to do my job well on future stories! Meanwhile, if you’ve read part or even all of the book, and have liked what you’ve seen, do pass the word. To friends and family. And again, thank you for making yesterday’s book bomb a great success. Looks like we might not be done yet? Woo hoo!


3 thoughts on “Official BOOK BOMB! for Lights in the Deep is now underway!

  1. Brad:

    Bought LIGHTS IN THE DEEP and read “Outbound” yesterday. Wow, what a story. It’s been a long time since I read any SF, and that story alone reminded me about what is best about the genre and why, when it’s done right, I love it so.

    Also, you might be happy to know that today, because of you, I searched out Larry Niven at a used bookstore and found an old copy of N-SPACE. Can’t wait to get started.

    All my best…

  2. Jeff, I am so glad that “Outbound” hit the right notes for you! Excellent. Thank you for picking up a copy of my book! I also can’t say enough good about Larry Niven. He is, quite simply, my favorite Hard SF writer. Perhaps my favorite SF writer, period? I hope you enjoy N-Space even half as much as I did.

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