Brad R. Torgersen

Panel schedule for 2014 SLC Comic Con FanX


Salt Lake City’s inaugural Comic Con in 2013 totally blew the doors off the Utah genre scene. Looks like the con organizers are doubling down on awesome for 2014, and have an amazing roster of celebrities returning for the FanX (Fan Experience) convention happening at the Salt Palace this weekend.

I’ll be doing panels as part of the FanX writer track. And when I am not doing panels, I will be over at Kevin J. Anderson’s Wordfire book table signing copies of Lights in the Deep and being available for chit chat. Do please drop by and say hello. And if you haven’t picked up a copy of the book yet, this weekend is a good time to grab one!

2:00 pm: Religion in Science Fiction and Fantasy.
7:00 pm: How Not to be a “Red Shirt” Author: Veteran Writers Offer their best Advice for Surviving the Publishing World.

10:00 am: Character Creation in Science Fiction & Fantasy for Writers.
11:00 am: The Future of Science Fiction and Fantasy in a Post-Twilight, Post-Potter World.

2:00 pm: Top Things to Do and Not to Do as an Aspiring Writer.
4:00 pm: Self-Publishing, Indie Publishing and Traditional Publishing: Which One is Right for You?
7:00 pm: World Building for Dystopian, Utopian and Apocalyptic Futures: How to Do it Right.