BOOK BOMB! Short Stories from the Sad Puppies Slate!

Time to bust out the signal boost for some worthy authors! Take a look at the official SAD PUPPIES 3 book bomb for our novelette and short story writers!

Monster Hunter Nation

It is time to spread more awareness about Puppy Related Sadness. The following are our suggested nominees for the short fiction categories, novelette and short story.

The way a Book Bomb normally works is that we pick one good book worthy of more attention, which is available on Amazon, and then we get as many people as possible to buy it in the same day in order to boost it up through the ratings. As the the rating climbs, it gets in front of more people, until it ends up on an Amazon bestseller list, where lots of people who aren’t involved in the Book Bomb see it. Success breeds success, the author gets lots of new readers, but more importantly, the author GETS PAID.

This Book Bomb is a little different. Because the ones I’m doing right now are to get more people exposed to the works we nominated…

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3 thoughts on “BOOK BOMB! Short Stories from the Sad Puppies Slate!

  1. If bestseller status is some kind of measure of quality, isn’t deliberately messing with it basically cheating?

    Bestseller status is an indicator that people found the book interesting enough to purchase. It’s one indicator of quality, but not the only indicator of quality. There’s nothing wrong with “I think this book is good but unknown, therefore I’ll advertise this book to more people.”

    More importantly, the fact that pushes like these are so successful is an indicator of the quality of the reviewer, that people trust the reviewer to give them a good recommendation. This may be because other reviews the reviewer has given have been on target or because (if the reviewer is a writer), the reader is able to make the logical connection “I like X’s work. X likes Y’s work. Therefore, there’s a good chance I’ll like Y’s work as well.”

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