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It’s Friday, very early morning. My wife mailed me a Kindle Paperwhite (Voyage) for my time on deployment. It’s my first ever e-reader. Since I barely got to Qatar, I haven’t been able to do much more with the Kindle than sync it to my laptop, and load a few e-books that I downloaded from Amazon. I already have a mess of Monster Hunter International books (on paper) so I decided to pick up some L.E. Modesitt, Jr. and some Michael Z. Williamson. I’ve never read the Imager series, but Lee is a mentor as well as a friend, and I’ve always liked his Hard SF very much. So I am going to give his fantasy a try too. As for Mike? Hey, it’s Mad Mike, y’all! And the cover has a rhino taking on an MRAP! How is that not awesome? Also, note the previously-purchased stuff from my friend and author Amanda McCarter, and mentor Dave Wolverton. I can already tell it’s going to be difficult not to get “click happy” with this thing. I also want to say again how much I adore my paperbacks! But this far from home, when every pound I have to put on my back is a pain in the butt, a Kindle just makes sense.


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  1. Turn the brightness down as far as you dare and it extends the battery life a lot.

  2. Does anyone know if Amazon restricts your downloads based on the country you’re in? If they do, you may want to load that thing up now rather than waiting and doing it later. I’d suggest asking your co-workers if they’ve had any problems in any particular countries, just to make sure. I’ve had problems with Apple doing this, but that’s obviously a different platform.

    And thank you for your service. Stay safe.

  3. AN unsolicited suggestion. Install the Calibre ebook manager. Put the repository in Dropbox. I’ve done that, and my library is available on all my machines!

    Also, grab everything from the Baen Free library, unless free books is somehow offensive to authors-who-like-to-get-paid.

  4. Wouldn’t that make a story, tho … the heroic Kindle putting itself in harms way to save its beloved master… 😀

  5. Stay safe. And check the local bookstore to see if they have any Yasser Bahjatt SF books; a Saudi, he had a self-published best-seller in KSA/MENA after meeting us SIGMA folks there in 2012 and getting into the SF business. Again, be safe.

  6. One of the things I like best about my kindle… all those classic books (pre-1923) that I never got around to reading when I was younger, or I want to reread now? They’re public domain, and probably have free ebook versions available.

    Stretches the book-buying budget missing those in with other purchases.

  7. I have greatly enjoyed the Imager series, especially as Modesitt works in some conscience and even some thermodynamics (where does the energy needed to do magic come from?). I also enjoyed his Colors of Chaos series, and have many of his books on my shelves.
    Please take care and come back intact; right now we may need men of character and intergrity more than heroes.

  8. During my last deployment to Iraq (2012-2013), Amazon blocked me from downloading tv shows and movies when I was out of the US, but my Kindle pulled down books just fine.

  9. Brad.. As Bobw says, download caliber ebook manager. The great thing about it is it lets you convert epub books to Mobi format for your Kindle. (and vice versa) It won’t remove DRMC though, but if you have epubs and can’t get them onto the Kindle, this will let you do that. It’s also a great way to keep everything collated and in order as well.

  10. Kindles do make impulse buying much easier (which is Amazon’s intention, of course) and most people when they first get one end up having a “Wait-I spent HOW MUCH?” moment the first month or so. But they are incredibly convenient and it’s great being able to carry an entire library in your pocket.

  11. I much prefer physical books myself as well but man does having a tablet make it conveinent to read while deployed. I have gone through 20 books already and I am not even half way done with this deployment. I’d hate to think of having to ship or worst getting rid all of the books when it’s time to leave. To answer Frank Probst question, I have not had any issues buying ebooks directly from the kindle app on my tablet or from buying from Amazon then downloading it on my tablet. Now I can’t say that will be true for all deployed locations but I suspect it mostly is.

  12. Also lots of great books for $2.99 to $3.99 so you can buy 2-3 books for the price of one hard copy. Now when I get back I’ll probably still go back to hardcopies, but eBooks definitely have a great value.

    I recomend Joshua Dalzelle’s Omega Force series for some nice light reading. Think A-team combined with Farscape.

  13. Strongly recommend ‘The Parafaith War’ and ‘The Ethos Effect’ by L.E. Modesitt, if you haven’t read them already.

  14. I can but echo Bobw’s advice about the Calibre ebook manager, especially if you’re getting ebooks in other than the MOBI format and from sources other than Amazon. The conversion features are well worth the cost (of a free program).

    I was a little skeptical of ereaders at first, but now, I pretty much only read on my B&N Nook Glowlight and love it. I’d suggest getting a cover for the Kindle if you haven’t already; that screen isn’t indestructible. And as Draven says, minimizing the use of the light or turning down the brightness will have a major upside in battery life.

    For pre-1927 books, Project Gutenberg is a great source of ebooks in multiple formats.

    Enjoy, and stay safe.

  15. Grab some of the Gutenberg books if you can as well, you can get thousands of books there including the classics of Science Fiction.

  16. I hope you have a good deployment. May the time until you’re with your family again fly by. Thanks for your service.

  17. I’m reading the Williamson right now. It’s very good. Different feel from his other series.

  18. A third plug for Calibre to manage your library. I use a older style Kindle 3GS which came with a lifetime 3G for free plan. It goes for days without recharging.

  19. Brad, out of curiosity, is this a ‘get your meals in the DFAC’ deployment or a ‘repackage your MREs to be less bulky’ deployment? FOB or fwd, IOW?

  20. I was initially a little skeptical about eReaders. But, after a slight adjustment period using my Nook Simple Touch I actually prefer reading on my NST to physical books. About the only things I would choose physical books for these days are textbooks and something I would want autographed.

    Hope you enjoy your Kindle.

  21. I can already tell it’s going to be difficult not to get “click happy” with this thing.

    That’s how they get you! It’s pretty awesome to read book 3 in a series, and then in one click you’ve got book 4. then 5. Then 6. Etc.

    And the classics are mostly free too. I think you’ll end up liking it. It’s been great for keeping my dead tree library under control.

  22. Amazon dl’s should work fine wherever you are if you are still buying from your Amazon USA account. I’ve got an Amazon UK account, too (I so NEEDED some Crowded House rarities, I tell you!) and they are separate entities/accounts.

    Another vote for eReaders for almost everything. BUT… a goal of mine for 2015 is to read a 1-vol history of WWII and after trying out several such on kindle, reading them was impossible. I need maps. Lots of maps. Kindles suck for maps. So I bought an Atlas Of WWII for $4 delivered from Amazon. (I chose the Anthony Beevor volume, btw.) RSN.

    I heartily recommend the Send To Kindle app from Amazon — right click on a mobi/txt/rft/etc file and send it to your Kindle — and Firefox has a Send to Kindle plugin for webpages. PDF transfers are hit-and-miss.

    Links here:

    I’d say “keep your head down and don’t volunteer”. But it’s too late for that on a couple fronts.

    Be well.

  23. You haven’t read Modesitt’s fantasy works? Bro! You are missing out big time. Someone above mentioned “colors of chaos,” that is possibly my favorite volume in the saga of recluce. The world is very carefully crafted, there is scifi and steampunk crossover, and the magic system has underpinnings in particle physics. It is really great stuff.

  24. It is addicting. I have well over 200 books on my Voyage, most of which are free. I binge download books, and spent all winter reading them.

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