Cosmetic revamp

Yes, it’s happening. Yes, it’s a work-in-progress. Yes, it’s overdue. Feedback welcome.


31 thoughts on “Cosmetic revamp

  1. I like the yellow and black, but the space pictures don’t do anything for me.

  2. Like the “used” look. Gives a workmanlike feel to it. I work with my hands, and that’s why 8 like the logo. Best way to describe it is to say that folks are more comfortable with a workman who has well used tools. Gives a feeling of permanence.

  3. I am tempted to cut the second pic, and leave the first; with the ring planet. And yes, a vocational aesthetic is absolutely what I am aiming for. This is SPEC FIC, not a cotillion. We roll up our sleeves and work for a living. (grin)

  4. Maybe make the ring planet the big image. It looks more focused with only one image, I think.

  5. Aaaaaaaahhhhh. Place is looking sharp, man! But the boys are right: can you get rid of the artwork and maybe put in some heavy metal and bullet holes? Some pin-up schmeeb art would look good too…maybe a young hottie in a skin tight space suit with a 40 terra watt Gauss rifle…?


    Dammit! Where is the spittoon?

  6. All of this is strictly my opinion, the opinion of a diligent but as yet unpublished author so bare that in mind. The asymmetry of the banner doesn’t work. I like the images but would resize them to be equal and run the black hash marks all they way across the bottom.
    Alternatively, and more true to the aesthetic, I would place a company logo in the upper left corner followed by the company name over the hash marks. Also, with respect to branding, I would shorten the company name to simply Torgersen Construction (although Aerospace would be better) and let the name speak for itself. However, the yellow and black conjures images of road construction, which to me isn’t speculative. If it’s blue collar you’re looking for, there is plenty of it in the aerospace industry from electricians to welders. If you look at a collection of company logos, you won’t find yellow and black. You’ll find lots of blue though and a little red. Their logos focus on turbine blades, airplanes, or rockets. Do a google image search on ‘aerospace logos’ to see what I mean. IAI has a cool one that looks a little like your ring world pic. (Aerospace insider tip: we use yellow to identify the ground support equipment that lifts, supports, or transports flight hardware. It’s big, heavy steel that doesn’t fly.)
    The banner needs to be incorporated with wordpress’ default page title info and search field currently sitting above it, and the left and right margins need to tie in the banner design elements. This seems ambitious to do on your own and may be worth contracting out.
    What was wrong with the former design with the speeder bike banner? It looked polished and professional. I remember reviewing the story behind that art for Tangent. Both were very cool, and I was already attributing the Torgersen brand to that art work and story. This image reset has the potential to damage your branding.
    I hope you found this comment helpful. Best of luck with your webpage, and thank you for your continued service.

  7. Honestly, I see where you are going with this, but I LOVED the racer banner. That picture alone was the epitome of sci-fi and I liked the ambience it created. Of course, this is me being purely subjective.

  8. Like the banner a lot. I would consider:

    – Putting it at the very top of the page, above everything else, butted up with the top (that is, no top padding).

    – Putting your name and the search box in the black bar with “Home”, etc.

    – Running it all the way across the top of the page, rather than inside the white rectangle. You’d need a central image, plus a left-hand image of just the hashmarks (that can tile across whatever extra width is available), plus a right-hand image of just the yellow background (ditto).

    – Getting rid of the blue outer rectangle, or making it light grey.

    – Not sure how I feel about the space pictures. I like them as such, but the pictures and the sign seem to go in two completely different directions aesthetically. I would think about a simple image in thick black lines, instead of paintings – maybe a solar-system-type atom, maybe a rocketship, things that can be done in simple outline style that represent SF.

  9. Thanks for all the feedback everybody.

    I may bring back the cover art for “The Curse of Sally Tincakes” but it’s been my habit to do a makeover on the blog (and the web site) every 12 to 18 months. I licensed the present rocket art from Marianne Plumridge. I really like her little retro-futuristic rocket paintings. Especially since they’re not specifically tied to a particular story, nor any particular book.

    Some of the suggestions haven’t been feasible (from a technical standpoint) because I am still using the free version of WordPress, and that means I don’t have the ability to fine-tune a lot of the formatting. But I may plunk down some cash (next year?) to merge my web site and the blog together, at which point some of the goodies will be available to me.

    So, let me see what I can implement. Continued feedback is very welcome.

  10. I’m not enthused about the placement of the blog comments, personally. I’m sure I’ll get used to it, but it just feels…off.

  11. Black and yellow safety striping — love it. Used look to lettering — well played. The thing that made the real first Star Wars movie feel real was how beat up everything was. But the balance in the layout seems a bit off. Several people above have made suggestions. I’d play around with it a bit. A side great thing is that TORGERSEN sounds like a construction company.

    Dr. Phil

  12. …I’m a bit sad at the loss of the grav bike rider in the previous incarnation of this blog.

  13. Wow, people really liked the artwork for “The Curse of Sally Tincakes.” OK, I will strongly consider bringing that back. Thanks for the continued input.

  14. Wow. You pointed out here two days ago that File 770 still uses their boilerplate header, and now they’ve suddenly changed it! ๐Ÿ˜€

  15. I liked the space racer. She was cool. Construction is decent work and pays the bills, but it isn’t cool. Astronauts trump Builder Bob.

  16. OK, I brought back the art from “The Curse of Sally Tincakes.” But I kept the distressed, used-technology feel from the prior banner — adapted for an asphalt-speedway motif. How does that strike your collective fancy?

  17. Okay, this is just my opinion and I’m in the minority here and this is your blog, but I don’t like it. The art only works as a full banner. I like your name and font and the feeling it creates. The bubbled blue background–not so much.

  18. (laughter) Probably I should just do whatever, and people will get used to it. I am formatting to committee!

    Still appreciate the feedback, tho. (grin)

  19. Bring back the yellow! Bring back the pebbled look instead of the cracked look! (Please. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  20. Change it! No, wait, keep it the same! No, wait, change everything!

  21. All joking aside, the current set-up is the best of the themes you’ve tried so far.

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