Seasonal listening: Autumn and Winter

I’ve always been a very seasonal listener. I am not sure why. Certain music just “fits” with certain times of the year, and not at others. Probably because I happened to hear and enjoy a particular piece (or group) during a particular season, thus the experience and the season become intertwined. This is undoubtedly strange, as I am not sure I’ve ever known anyone who is seasonal about his music choices, like I am. Certainly my wife is an anytime, anywhere listener. A fact which has made me grit my teeth on occasion. “No, no, no! Tears For Fears is summertime! You can’t play Songs From The Big Chair in January. That’s madness!” Naturally, she just smiles and turns it up louder. So I go on about my business, nevermind the fact that what’s rocking on the living room stereo is against all seasonal music logic.

Out here in Deployment Land, seasonal music is more important than ever before. Because where I am at, there are no seasons. There is merely insufferable heat and humidity, followed by not-so-insufferable heat and humidity, with occasional days of, “This isn’t so bad . . . at midnight, when the breeze is blowing from inland.” There are no mountains. Nor anything that grows, really. It’s beige, and it’s flat. Once every three months, it might rain. A little bit. And I doubt there’s been any snow in this part of the world since before the end of the last Ice Age; if even then.

So, I retreat to my headphones, and thank the Lord for MP3. Troops of past eras were stuck with Armed Forces Radio, or whatever vinyl was spinning at the (then, equivalent) MWR. Or, if you go back far enough, no music at all.

Ours is a time of technological wonder and luxury.

My tastes tend to be somewhat eclectic — these are my dozen-plus “stuck on an island” choices, for this time of the year.


9 thoughts on “Seasonal listening: Autumn and Winter

  1. While I don’t vary too much my music by season I certainly do it a ton by mood.

    My tastes are really eclectic as well – Classical Chinese, Japanese Soundtracks and Pop, Bollywood Soundtracks, Latin Rock, European Symphonic/Death/Heavy Metal, Musicals, Video Game Soundtracks, Classic Rock, Johhny Cash, Opera, some R&B, Jazz, bands like Linkin Park, and so on. (Currently my favorite two are Within Temptation and Icon For Hire, both are great)

    Opera’s great for frustration or bleeding off anger, (especially if loud) Symphonic Metal’s good to get pumped and get working on homework or writing, Bollywood’s great for good vibes and cheer.

  2. Go back far enough—and far enough isn’t all that long ago, i.e. the Civil War—and they made their own music. That was all they had. Stay safe Brad!

  3. I listen to a wide variety of artists, from AC/DC to Loreena McKennitt to Rush.

    Why yes, I am a bit Odd. πŸ™‚

  4. So true what you are saying about music and deployment. I remember coming back from patrols(in Afghanistan) and laying on my rack, loaded ipod, headphones, and pretending I was in a bar or something back home.

    I’m also with you on music having a time and place. I kindof have theme music. There’s bar music, relaxing music, party music, driving music etc. I don’t like to mix my stuff.

  5. Stuck on a desert island with some of the greatest albums ever recorded? The eternal burden of the (currently) 40-something.

    Very good.

    Your musical taste is quite extraordinary, though that evaluation might arise from how closely it seems to mirror my own.

  6. At least they didn’t have Brad’s name: they probably would have misspelled it. πŸ™‚

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