Clinton and Trump are Scylla and Charybdis

In 1992 — my first year voting in United States national elections — I was a Perot man. Unhappy with the choices and rhetoric put forth by the Republicans and Democrats, I was excited by the fact that there was somebody making a very strong push; as a third option. I watched Perot’s presentations, and also his performance during debates. I knew I wanted him to be the next President. He even got my Dad’s vote, and Dad was a very reliable Republican supporter.

Unfortunately, we simply wound up handing the White House to Bill Clinton.

In 2016, I am afraid the terrible two-party calculus, will again wind up handing the White House to a Clinton. The Trump supporters just don’t realize it yet.

Look, seriously, I get it. I get the frustration with the establishment. I get being tired of the endless lies, and being pandered to. I get that the Republicans are always betraying principle, for the phantasm of “electability.”

But Trump is not anti-establishment. He’s as establishment as they come, and he’s actually on Hillary’s side of the fence!

Oh, sure, he’s out there saying whatever he thinks he needs to say, to make you — reliable Republican — believe that he represents a true turn away from business-as-usual words-not-deeds soft-serve Republicanism. He’s the dude who is going to shake everything up, piss off all the right people, and get America back on track. Sounds great. And if Trump did not have a history, even I might be inclined to buy his schtick.

But Trump does have a history, and it’s the very history — of talking like a Democrat flunky, of donating money like a Democrat flunky — that convinced me Trump is not serious. He is, at best, trying to ego his way to the White House. Or, at worst, he is merely playing a role, so that Hillary Clinton is ensured an error-free path to the Presidency. Does that sound crazy? It makes perfect sense, if you believe that the Republican base is both gullible, and easily led astray.

This is a crucial moment, not just for the Republican party, but for American conservative and libertarian principles. For decades, we’ve labored under derision — from progressives, liberals, Democrats, etc. — that we’re a bunch of mouth-breathing goons. We will follow any damned fool to hell, so long as he tells us what he thinks we want to hear. Guess what? Putting Trump forth as the “anti-establishment candidate” pretty much tells the universe that the progressives, liberals, and Democrats, were all right about us. We are going to follow a damned fool who tells us what he thinks we want to hear.

If I am a lifer Democrat, liberal, or progressive, I am laughing my ass off right now. The ascension of Trump could very well mean the final end of the Reagan coalition legacy, and the consignment of the Republican party to permanent minor-player status. If I am a lifer Democrat, liberal, or progressive, I am rubbing my hands with glee. The “enemy” are happily destroying themselves, and destroying any ability they might have had to stand in the way of progressive policy-making — especially where erosion of basic liberties and financial independence is concerned.

So, the country will get one-party rule. Democrats, for the rest of my adult life. And the Democrats are putting Hillary and Bernie forward, as the shining beacons of progress. These are the poster children for our political future: a pathologically lying narcissist who only cares about herself, and a dippy old socialist who thinks economics can be turned Marxist without destroying the value of the dollar.

If that doesn’t make you weep for the future, I don’t know what will.

Because I don’t want to be a vassal. I am a citizen, dammit, and citizens shouldn’t let punks be in the White House.

Alas, punks are all we’re allowed to choose from in 2016.

Oh, sure, I know, it’s time to unfurl the Unicorn Cavalry flag, and put money down on Gary Johnson. But this will simply lock Clinton in, the same way Perot locked Clinton in, because far fewer Democrats detest Clinton, than Trump, and far more Democrats will gleefully consolidate under the Clinton flag, than Johnson’s flag. So the Unicorn vote is a protest vote only, and the Democrats don’t have to give a crap about protest votes. Hillary is going to be guaranteed her eight years in office, and the Republicans will be demoted to second-string status in both the House and the Senate — barring some unforeseen resurgence of a fresh crop of actual conservatives — so that sixteen combined years of Obama policies and Clinton (for the second time) policies, could result in America being a very, very different place; by the year 2024.

The truism goes: in a democracy, we get the government we deserve.

Looks like we’re gonna find out just how badly we deserve unchecked one-party domination in Washington D.C. Because even if by some strange turn of events, Trump does win — and he won’t — Trump is still a Democrat, far more than he’s a Republican. Far more. And even if a rebellious resurgence by a third party does make a dent, it will only be a dent. Just as Perot was merely a dent, and provided the perfect triangulation Bill Clinton needed to win in 1992. Because there are far more lifer Democrats who will always and forever vote Democrat, at all costs, than there are Republicans and independents who could rally to the Unicorn flag.

Like I said: Scylla, and Charybdis. The ship breaks up on the rocks, or gets sucked into the whirlpool.

It didn’t have to be this way. But decades of voter inattention and apathy, combined with over a century of money, power, and influence consolidation — by both the two big parties — have conspired to give us the absolute worst Presidential choices of this generation. Perhaps, even of several generations. We’ve faced poor choices before, sure. But right now, we’ve got a lying, self-absorbed narcissist with liberal tendencies on one side, and a lying, self-absorbed narcissist (also with liberal tendencies) on the other side.

And no, the American Republic is not bulletproof. I firmly believe that one-party domination (by the Democrats) will put the United States on track to becoming a super-sized version of Greece, or Venezuela. And these are the soft crash outcomes. I don’t even want to think about the (also very possible) hard crash outcomes.

If I disliked the two-party calculus when was just 18 years old, I now absolutely loathe that same two-party calculus. Neither the Democrats nor the Republicans have principles. They are simply interested in keeping themselves elected. And we — the voters — apparently can’t be bothered enough to take our national elections seriously. On the one hand, we have people eagerly rushing to become serfs on the one-party-rule Democrat plantation, and on the other hand we have people lining up behind bozo the clown, with an orange face, zero ethics, and a titanic ego.

I want to think God can see us through this. I suspect God’s simply sitting back and shaking His head, saying, “I warned you what would happen, and you didn’t believe me — have fun with your mess I told you you’d make, if you stopped paying attention to me.”


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  1. I like Brad, I like his writing, and I can see where he’s coming from. And yet, if what he says is true, why do the corrupt elites running Washington, DC hate him so much? Why are they so terrified of him? is it all just to fool the gullible? Then there’s the Old Right warrior, Pat Buchanan, loathed and shunned by the GOP establishment. After more than a half century in national politics at the highest levels, why does Buchanan so strongly favor Trump?

    And then there’s the Libertarians for Trump group, which includes some of the top names in the libertarian movement today. Are these writers, academics, and intellectuals just dupes of the statist Left?

    Trump has my full support. Is he a conservative? No. A libertarian? No. But he can be expected to do one thing when he gets to DC (and he’s hoping he does): BURN. IT. DOWN.

  2. And lest we forget this from the New York Post a few months ago:

    Elites and media really hate Donald Trump’s voters. By Michael Walsh December 26, 2015.

    To hear the patronizing wise men of the Republican Party tell it, anyone who would vote for Donald Trump for president must be deranged. “Trumpkins,” they call them, mental midgets and xenophobic troglodytes who’ve crawled out from their survivalist caves in order to destroy the Beltway Establishment.

    You can read the whole thing at:

  3. I agree with Brad, and fervently disagree with ‘burn it down’ ers. Those types are basically saying, they are willing to let several people i know DIE just so they can get their ‘perfect restored republic’.

    And somehow, they believe that Trump, who is the very model of a modern crony capitalist, will give it to them.

  4. I was a Democrat until 92 and was disillusioned as well. I also supported Perot and have continued my political journey to being a fairly solid libertarian.

    I’ve called the Republicans the Stupid Party for years but this takes the cake. I think you are spot on with your analysis, Brad. As a resident of Illinois, I can attest to the sorry future well have with one party rule, especially with it being the Democrat pay.

    The only silver lining is I can vote for Johnson with no fear that it will impact the election one bit. There is no way either Democrat will lose Illinois.

  5. Spot on, Brad. Sounds like my history mirrors your own, including fathers that supported Perot. As bad as the last eight years have been, I still had the hope that something better was ahead and things could still be turned around. Now that rug is completely pulled out and I find myself without any hope.

    Do the Trump supporters really believe any of his talk? Are they really that gullible? Do they think he’ll do anything other than serve his own self-interests? Do they not see that it’s nothing more than a dark reflection of 2008? Just a bunch of pandering to emotions of anger, hope, and change, but nothing actually delivered.


  6. It’s certainly possible that the reason the establishment is “terrified” of Trump is that they rightly see that he’ll be a disaster for the economy and the nation, just like many of us non-establishment types. I don’t think you need to infer any other secret and sinister motivation for their “terror”.

  7. Between the last 10 crops of college students and the dependent-on-the-state masses, the American detachment from reality has never been greater. The MSM could receive directives to hold forth a far-left transgender city council member from San Francisco – with zero understanding of world dynamics or big-picture economy scenarios who doesn’t know anything at all about our military – and many millions would throw fanatical cult-like support behind them because ” It’s about time we had a transgender in the Oval Office” and “They’ll eliminate bigotry in the world” and “The rest of the world will respect us for open-mindedness” and “Everyone should have an equal chance to lead the country, transgenders have rights, man!” . Somehow they will not be aware that this is like letting a 16 year old kid who just got her drivers license by barely passing the road test in her mother’s Prius hop into the cab of an 18 wheeler semi truck pulling a tanker-trailer full of aviation fuel to drive it on the interstate highway system from Washington DC to San Diego. I don’t care who’s riding in the passenger seat advising her. “Yeah! Give her a shot at it!” and “She’s so brave, she deserves to try it!” and “We’ll show THEM that we don’t discriminate based on gender and age!” and “The Highway Patrol needs to stop their war on Womyn” . The profound lack of real-world perspective by generations of academics who have lived almost entirely within the safe confines of “virtual worlds” constructed in their lesson plans where large scale social experiments and reckless grandstanding for indulgent pet causes have no repercussions has created millions of young Americans without a clue. The systematic creation of a rapidly expanding indentured class, dependent on the state to feed, clothe, and shelter them ensures a population of barely educated and easily manipulated subjects who will almost effortlessly be incited against any perceived threat to their livelihood, which is “the big government that pays for us”. This combination creates a cult-like group that could be manipulated to put a candidate with severe Down’s Syndrome in the Oval Office.

  8. Alas, things are no better here in Canada. Our decade of Conservative leadership was a blip. Usually we have to pick our governments from the Very Left Party or the Extremely Left Party. And our current PM is a photogenic, platitude-spouting mediocrity much loved by the media who only got his job because of his family name. And yet, some of my fellow Canadians will still claim that we’re superior to the Americans.

    Politics suck.

  9. While I don’t disagree, I think the slide into “everything is liberal” is pretty much inevitable in a democratic system (witness the course of democracy in Europe). The question becomes not whether we’ll descend into that liberal morass, but do we plunge headfirst with HIllary, or resist and try to retain some control over our slide and maybe float rather than sink into it, cuz Trump ain’t goin’ down easy.

    I think Trump would be better than Clinton, and here’s my thought process:

    Clinton would be a rubber stamp for every liberal lunacy that comes down the pike. Trump would at least do as the founders envision in one critical way: he’ll fight with Congress, because he’s more interested in doing things HIS way than THEIR way.

    Don’t count on a Republican majority disagreeing with Clinton, let alone remaining a majority. Witness California, which has become so solidly Democrat across the board that any contrary voices are just wind.

    Our system of government was *designed* to encourage legislative gridlock, because less legislation getting passed means less *stupid* legislation getting passed. The worst possible scenario is when the three major branches substantially agree and “get things done”.

    My preference would have been Scott Walker or Gary Johnson. Lacking those, Cruz looked all right. But presented with none of the above, I will vote for the egomaniac driven by a need for success over the crazy bitch driven solely by self-interest.

    “America first, screw Mexico and China” is a helluva lot better mindset than “Hillary first, screw America.”

    Also, I know Jerry Pournelle well enough in Real Life to respect his opinion about individuals. If he thinks someone is an idiot or bad news, he’ll just say so flat out. After reading both Trump’s foreign policy statement and Jerry’s last three columns on the subject, I’m starting to think positively of our prospects under a Trump presidency.

    I also remember similar warnings about Reagan. Just a brainless actor, a weathercock on policy and party, and would get us into WW3 first thing. How’d that work out for ya??

    And has been pointed out, what we’ve been doing is Not Working. Taxes and regulations and deficits keep getting piled higher and America sinks deeper. Hillary would just dig us further into that same rut. Do we want more of same? I don’t.

    Anyway, that’s my thought process on why Trump now has my vote. Your thoughts may vary.

  10. My only comment.

    Trump is a creation of the Liberals so Liberals should only blame themselves if he wins and is bad as Liberals claim to fear. 😦

  11. Paul, that’s a good point. Hey libs, if you don’t like what you made — stop doing it!

  12. At this point, I might be willing to hold my nose and vote Trump (as opposed to not vote / vote Libertarian / vote SMOD) if his VP candidate is reasonably acceptable. That’s one massive decision he has to make that he can’t really change his mind on and sends a fairly clear signal where his intentions lie. (True, he could treat his VP like Obama treats Biden, but it’s still a fairly clear signal).

    Trump is a creation of the Liberals so Liberals should only blame themselves if he wins and is bad as Liberals claim to fear.
    Trump is a creation of the media (so, yes, a subset of liberal). The media’s incredibly outsized influence on the election process is the one thing that’s keeping it alive by giving a reason for big money donors to subsidize the increasingly irrelevant media. The media needed a boogeyman, so they propped up Trump as an example of the evil ‘right wing’, and then found that they had accidentally advertised for Trump. They covered the places where Trump had opinions that agreed with conservatives because he was supposed to be the bad guy, thus also hiding the places where his opinions were liberal.

    At this point, for conservatives to have a chance to win national elections, the power of the mainstream media to control elections needs to go away. The only good from this whole debacle is that if Trump somehow wins after the media goes all in for Hillary, the media’s power will be finally mortally wounded. (The problem, of course, is if the media gets Hillary elected, they’ll be even more powerful than they were before).

  13. At best the only reason the establishment “fears” Trump is because he’s a competitor. At worst, it’s camouflage to hide their collusion and fool the marks.

    I mean the fascists and communists hated each other, that doesn’t mean one was good and the other was bad. It meant they were competitors for control.

    “The truism goes: in a democracy, we get the government we deserve.”

    No, we get what the majority deserves while those of us who know better are stuck along for the ride.

  14. As much as I dislike Trump as the nominee, I also think that God can and will protect us. Frankly, I think Obama’s policies should have destroyed us already in the last 8 years and it is literally by the Grace of God that we are still standing. We DO need to pray for this country and we DO need to pray for the nominee. I don’t like him at all, but I despise the Clinton machine with every fiber of my being. I think that she really will completely destroy what is left of this nation.

  15. Frankly, I think you’re completely insane.

  16. Unknown Prince, don’t know who you’re talking to, but IMO most here would consider that your comment means that “We Said Something Good”. 😈

  17. I’m waiting for a bunch of honest conservative leaders to hold a rump caucus to form a new, conservative, third party. They could call themselves the New Whigs or whatever. It’s still not too late for such a party to get on the ballot in all 50 states in November. Failing that, I’m staying home on election day/

  18. Trump MAY govern as a Left Wing Democrat, Clinton Will govern as a Left Wing Democrat.

    You may not really like either choice, but to pretend that there is no difference is what would give Clinton the office.

  19. @Lester, yes it is too late to form a third party and pick a candidate, who would they pick? All the establishment Republicans have been soundly defeated at the polls.

    It may very well be time to form a new party (in many ways, the Tea Party folks over the last few elections have been indicating this), but doing this takes either time, or a clear leader to rally behind.

    Remember that the Republican party did not exist before Lincoln. It started out as a fringe party in opposition to the big powers of the day and won. This can happen again, but it’s would need a clear leader, and the failures of the Republican primary are not going to be that leader.

    We’ve seen how happy people are when the party elites get together and push their choice (for both the Republicans and the Democrats), so doing in opposition to Trump is a good way to flush them out of public life (which come to think of it, may not be that bad an idea, if it didn’t end up splitting the Republican vote and giving the election to Clinton)

    Political Parties have come and gone, and there have been times in history when there was only one Party with any substantial number of votes (and the arguments were between the different wings of the party, elections were still not Soviet style “here’s your single choice to vote for”)

  20. There is already a decent third party candidate: Gary Johnson, who was governor of New Mexico for 8 years, cut the budget every year, and vetoed more than 750 bills.

    And to anyone who tells me I’m handing the win to Hillary by voting Johnson — so what? Trump and Hillary might as well be twins separated at birth.

  21. I’m waiting for a bunch of honest conservative leaders to hold a rump caucus to form a new, conservative, third party. They could call themselves the New Whigs or whatever. It’s still not too late for such a party to get on the ballot in all 50 states in November. Failing that, I’m staying home on election day.

    The problem with this is you end up guaranteeing Democratic governance for the next couple of decades. You end up with 45% solidly Democratic, 22.5% voting Republican because their family has always voted Republican and they believe the media BS about your new Whig party, and 22.5% voting Whig (with the remaining 10% able to be persuaded, which lately has been ‘the media tells them who to vote for’).

  22. This is our future, under one-party Democrat rule:

    “How did Venezuela get here? Well, by spending more than it had and not having as much as it should. Let’s take these in reverse order. It really shouldn’t have been hard for the government to use some of its petrodollars on the poor without destroying the economy. Every other oil-rich country, after all, has figured that out. But you can’t redistribute oil profits if there aren’t oil profits to redistribute, or at least not many of them. And there weren’t after Hugo Chavez replaced people who knew what they were doing with people he knew would be loyal to him at the state-owned oil company. It didn’t help that he scared foreign oil companies off too. Or that he took money out, but didn’t put it back in, so that they can no longer turn as much of their extra-heavy crude into refined oil. Add it all up, and Venezuela’s oil production actually fell by about 25 percent between 1999 and 2013.”

    See the full link. Liberals can’t hate on it. It’s the Washington Post. 😉

  23. What might be my final comment on the 2016 Presidential race, prior to us actually picking The White Ice Queen Of Death, or the Orange Doofus Duke of Doom: in the unlikely (as in: totally not happening) event that Trump does win, then I hope all the Trump fans are right. That he will (somehow, against history and indicators) be the man to shake up Washington D.C. and get things back on track. We’re presently autopiloting toward a Venezuelan outcome. It doesn’t have to be this way. Our ruling class (cough, establishment Democrats and Republicans) are overdue for a rude shakedown. I know that’s what the Trump fans are counting on. I just don’t believe Trump is in any way the man that his fans expect him to be. And I hope, if he is the pick in November, that I am entirely wrong. I don’t think I am wrong. But I would like to be. Does that make sense? I would like to be wrong. Because if it’s Hillary . . . we’re going to have one-party Democrat oligarchy for the rest of my adult life, and it’s going to suck this country down a hole.

  24. And I hope, if he is the pick in November, that I am entirely wrong. I don’t think I am wrong. But I would like to be. Does that make sense? I would like to be wrong.

    I think just about everyone hopes Trump isn’t as stupid as he seems. Just about everyone I know that’s been on Team Orange Doofus Duke of Doom (mostly disaffected establishment RINOs) has admitted that he’s a wildcard and they don’t know what he’s going to do, but they say fact that he’s smart enough to recognize what the center-right voters want puts him head and shoulders above the establishment Republicans as far as actually accomplishing anything. (I’m going to keep using ODDoD to describe Trump; it’s a good description).

    Because if it’s Hillary . . . we’re going to have one-party Democrat oligarchy for the rest of my adult life, and it’s going to suck this country down a hole.

    I’m in an area where I mostly am in company with establishment Republicans and centrist Democrats, and I often end up playing the token ‘real conservative’ or ‘libertarian’ in friendly discussions. To some degree I understand the centrist Democrats that are going to hold their noses and vote for Hillary; if you’re on the center-left, she may seem the best of a bad lot. What I can’t fathom is the Hillary True Believers. Seeing somebody go from praising Snowden and Manning for exposing the government’s dirty laundry to praising Hillary who ran a personal server so she could keep her corrupt deals from government oversight without suffering any anguish at the disconnect (or on any of the other issues she’s been hypocritical on) leaves me going ‘WTF?’.

  25. “Because if it’s Hillary . . . we’re going to have one-party Democrat oligarchy for the rest of my adult life, and it’s going to suck this country down a hole.”

    Exactly. Or as someone above says… Trump MAY govern badly, but Clinton WILL govern badly (where “badly” is defined as “like a leftwing liberal wacko”). Some chance of improvement is better than NO chance. And if we want growth of libertarian or teaparty parties — there’s more potential with Trump. Hope grows sane political parties; despair only grows radicals.

    I’ve already seen this single-party endgame play out in California. Schwartzenegger may not have been a good governor, but he staved off Jerry Brown for a few more years. The return of Jerry Brown was the end of any conservative economic principles in CA, possibly forever — because even if the voting populace swings back the other way, it’ll be too late because by then the infrastructure and business climate will be ruined beyond recall, and the state debt too deep to ever climb out of no matter how much you tax the proles (who bear most of it via the high sales tax). Someday the sunshine state may be known as the Detroit Coast.

  26. The Libertarian National Convention is not until Memorial Day. Notwithstanding the main stream media, there are four top line candidates, namely John McAfee (yes the computer security fellow), Austin Petersen, Darryl Perry, and Gary Johnson. The winner remains to be named.

    Many of you will also be able to vote for the Constitution Party candidate (Darryl Castle) or the Green Party candidate (probably Jill Stein).

    However, you could never put the last year’s Presidential campaign in an SF novel. SF novels have to be believable.

  27. “For decades, we’ve labored under derision — from progressives, liberals, Democrats, etc. — that we’re a bunch of mouth-breathing goons. We will follow any damned fool to hell, so long as he tells us what he thinks we want to hear. Guess what? Putting Trump forth as the “anti-establishment candidate” pretty much tells the universe that the progressives, liberals, and Democrats, were all right about us. “

    Honestly, why does this matter? I see a sentiment similar to this a lot, most prominently from people I thought had moved on from the pipe-dream that the liberals would ever say Republicans were anything BUT mouth-breathing goons, as well as the hallucination that ANYTHING they say even matters (to us). I mean, I guess it’s part of the problem; when you treat people like hateful bigoted idiots anyway, you remove all incentives to not BE a hateful bigoted idiot. But allowing liberals to frame the discussion is a losing proposition no matter what. The GOP, whose only apparent goal as an institution has been to be ‘respectable’ to a group of people who will literally never respect them, has forgotten this. Trump may not be the ideal reaction, but he was a predictable one. I spent most of this primary season behind Ted Cruz, and while I think he was a ‘better’ candidate in strictly constitutional terms, we are still fast approaching the point in our country’s political climate where the schism will be so pronounced that peaceful turnovers of power will no longer be possible. At this point, I’ll take anybody who can focus on the issues that actually matter (e.g. not ‘the war on women’ or ‘climate change’).

    And I really can’t get on board the whole conspiracy theory that Trump is a Clinton plant to pave her a road to the white house. And not simply because the level of competence and accurate forward-thinking that this would require is utterly uncharacteristic of the people who would have to be behind it. He’s ALREADY attacking her, and doing so fairly effectively. Are they going to try to nuke her favorability ratings while she’s still fighting for the nomination against a madly well-liked grassroots populist, in a period marked by ‘peasant revolts,’ just as a cover? Are all the major New York elites spending millions upon millions of dollars to attack him, rile people up against him, and trying to tear him down just as a front? While it has a certain conspiratorial appeal to talk about, and fits neatly in the ‘liberals are actually the devil’ mindset, at a certain point, it becomes way too elaborate to be real. And realistically, what exactly are they going to do to Donald Trump anyway? Unless they discover a warehouse full of dead hookers with his fingerprints on them or something, I don’t see. His family seems a thousand times more well-adjusted than hers, and they don’t call him Teflon Don for nothing.

  28. I dunno. Hillary Clinton’s only rival now is a long-time friend of the Clinton family. Something is rotten in the State of New York.

  29. I think it very likely that I pull the lever for Libertarian this year. I’ve been looking at the Libertarians more and more, since 2008, and this year the Republicans have pretty much made it impossible for me to vote GOP. So, my (rather patchy and odd) Presidential voting pattern will look like this:

    1992: Independent (Perot)
    1996: Democrat (Bill Clinton)
    2000: Democrat (Al Gore)
    2004: Republican (Dubbleyah)
    2008: wrote in Romney for P, and Condi Rice for VP
    2012: Republican (Romney)
    2016: Libertarian (whoever that may be)

    In only three instances did I ever pick the eventual winner. 😀 Go me!

  30. ” It makes perfect sense, if you believe that the Republican base is both gullible, and easily led astray.”

    Okay. This might look like ” argumentum ad verecundiam” (appeal to authority fallacy) but Newt Gingrich *is* an expert in this field, and as such citing him as a support isn’t a fallacy, as far as I’m concerned at least. ANYway, do you think Newt Gingrich is a gullible fool? Jerry Pournelle? I’ve said this before, but I’ll say it again here, I’m not a fan of Trump. I don’t trust him, and I most definitely don’t *like* him. I wanted Cruz to win the nomination…although his “pick” of Carly Fiorina as a VP made me…queasy, if I’m honest. I didn’t want Trump to be the nominee. But now that he is, I’m sticking to my rule of thumb that I’ll vote a brain-damaged *turnip* into the oval office before I see a Clinton sitting behind the Resolute Desk. The fact that Gingrich seems to find him tolerable, and Carson endorses him just adds a measure of comfort to the decision.

  31. It’s gonna be Trump in a landslide in 2016. Chelsea and Bill will vote for Trump.

    Look: all America’s problems stem from political correctness. It has fostered homosexuality, heightened tensions between races and genders, punished producers and rewarded slackers and deadbeats. There’s no nice way to say it and There’s no nice way to deal with it. Parasites will not be reasoned with. You put a gentleman like Cruz or Romney up against a murderous shrew like Hillary and she will eat them alive. You need somebody who will put a boot up Hillary’s ass, curb stomp Bill, honk Chelsea and crap in their fish tank. You need to OFFEND parasites and go to war with them if necessary.

    For the last 30 years the Repubs have let the Donks drive the debate and shame them out of it. NONE of those spineless curs would even lift a finger to speak out against it. Trump has. As for the Donks… A lot of them have sons, fathers, and brothers that have taken it in the shorts because of affirmative action and political correctness, there been shamed, ridiculed, discriminated against, passed over for promotion, harassed at work…for the sin of being white and male. Hillary is promising more of it.

    The time is right for a man like Trump. Who is the Donk shill, Brad? You wanna tell me those RINO repubs aren’t? They would rather lose like gentlemen than even stand up or speak out against the sins the liberals commit EVERY DAY. They may not be Donks themselves, but they are certainly donk lickspittles.

    You have your vote and I have mine and we will hang separately. I’m betting you swing before I do.

  32. What he said. The time for treating the Marxist pushers of political correctness are over. The people who are giving the Dem nomination to Hillary are those people. They must be obliterated if we are to survive. Trump may or may not be a conservative, but I don’t care. He will fight the disease like an antibiotic, which conservatives have been unable to do. The disease is cultural Marxism manifested by thought-control, aka political correctness, and the corrupt racketeering that runs Washington, DC. Only Trump will truly take it on. Please vote for Trump, Brad, even if he offends you. The disease is too far advanced and too powerful to remain neutral, and that is what a Libertarian vote amounts to.

  33. For the last 30 years the Repubs have let the Donks drive the debate and shame them out of it. NONE of those spineless curs would even lift a finger to speak out against it.

    He will fight the disease like an antibiotic, which conservatives have been unable to do. The disease is cultural Marxism manifested by thought-control, aka political correctness, and the corrupt racketeering that runs Washington, DC. Only Trump will truly take it on.

    Since Trump has waffled on just about everything he’s promised and has caved into political correctness several times (see his ever shifting stance on the laws in NC), you should be able to understand why many of us are skeptical of this highly optimistic take. At the moment, there’s no reason to believe that Trump sees opposing political correctness as anything but a way to get votes.

    Political Correctness will continue to be an issue as long as the progressive left dominates the media and the educational system. Fighting directly against political correctness while the progressive left dominates the media gets the Democrats more voters than the Republicans. I’ve been critical of the Republican establishment for not fighting against the power of the media, but it’s not an easy thing to do. Further, Trump is the Republican candidate the media wanted.

    Since he’s won the nomination, I’ve seen some decent arguments that Trump’s easily the best of the bad options we have, and it’s impressed me where I haven’t wrote off voting for him. But poorly made Trump fanboy arguments keep ending up causing me to think about that Libertarian option.

  34. Brad, you’re making an understandable and fairly common mistake – believing that the Republican party is, or ever has been, conservative. It’s not, and it wasn’t. It’s simply slightly right-ish of moderate, which means that the massive numbers of actual conservatives in the country tend to vote R, as do the not-stringent Libertarians, since Republican candidates often at least pretend to favor small government.

    That’s why you have this huge disconnect between homegrown (Representatives, state officials, mostly) and establishment (Senators, presidential candidates). That’s why Republicans have owned the House for the overwhelming majority of the last 50 years, but been completely ineffective in every other area.

    What we’re witnessing right now is the collapse of the Republican coalition… and hopefully the rise of something better. Amusingly enough, once that coalition collapses, the Democrats will go the same way. Traditional authoritarians don’t actually get along really well with neo-socialists and minority race-focus.

  35. Er, turns out I was exaggerating the length of influence of the Republicans in the House… it’s only been 20 years, and before that it was Democrats for ages. Of course, those aren’t the same D/R parties that we have today.

  36. Clinton and Trump are two peas in a pod? Really? Only if you think Trump is the greatest liar in American history. A con man so calculating that he has taken positions and embraced politicians he doesn’t believe in solely on the off-chance that at age 70 he might be POTUS in order to enact the same policies as Hillary. It would seem a lot easier for the aging Billionaire to simply support Hillary.

    OTOH, if we assume Trump is telling the truth about even 50% of his positions, the difference between him and Hillary is as stark as night vs day. That Hillary will nominate SCOTUS judges as left as Ginsburg is a given, Trump has promised to nominate more Scalias. Hillary wants more illegals – Trump less. Hillary wants more Globalization, Trump wants less. HIllary wants more PC , Trump less. The contrast couldn’t be starker.

    How anyone could vote for Romney but shy away from Trump because he’s not conservative enough is puzzling to me.

  37. Concur with rocean. Anyone who thinks Hillary and Trump are “the same” is buying an increasingly shrill mainstream media-line that is (as usual) entirely false. What’s new is that the conservative media in joining in with the MSM. That may be beneficial as it exposes the emptiness of the traditional conservative media. Excuse me, I mean to say “cuckservative media”.

  38. “So if one is concerned with foreign policy the choice between Donald and Hillary is no choice at all. Hillary may have the resume but it is essentially a bad one. If Trump does even a little of what he pledges to do he is a much better deal for the American people, as well as for most of the world, than is Hillary Clinton.”

    Read the whole thing at

  39. A lot of Trump donating to Democrats and making nice with the Clintons was probably the “protection money” he had to pay with so many of his businesses in NY. Remember what happened to Bill Gates when he didn’t let the _pezzonovanti_ wet their beaks?

  40. Do not – DO NOT – blame this on the voters. The voters have been voting “correctly” for the past 20 years. The Republican elected officials keep saying to the voters “in order to do X, Y, and Z, we need you to do A”. So the voters do A. And the elected officials do not do X, Y, or Z. The voters have noticed. Trying to pin this on a failure by the voters is monumentally dishonest, on the level of National Review.

    It is entirely possible that Trump will not implement any policies a Republican-leaning voter would want. It is one hundred percent certain that any and all of the “real” Republican candidates would not implement such policies, because they, too, have track records.

    (Yes, I include Ted Cruz in this. He’s bought and paid for by Goldman Sachs.)

  41. Concur with Rollory, whose observations are exactly on target. Very strongly concur.

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