Trumpocalypse: the messy flatulence of the Resistance

To recap something I said on Facebook during the U.S. Presidential inauguration: why do American progressives always take a dump in their own bath water? Violent vandalism in the heart of Portland, Oregon, or Berkeley, California, won’t magically eject Donald J. Trump from the Oval Office. The business managers and owners, watching their store fronts get smashed, probably hate Trump every bit as much as the black-clad rioters doing the damage. Being a classless dick to your buddies doesn’t get rid of the President. Nor will calling for military coups on Twitter — considering the fact that Trump carried the military vote by a ratio of at least 3 to 1. Nor will parading through the streets of San Francisco with a pink crochet Chowder hat on your head.

The American Left desperately needs a reality check. Somebody or something needs to hit the brakes. It’s been almost three months of insanity, and not a single thing has stopped or impeded Trump. He was sworn into office, and he has been cutting executive orders like a corporate boss expects to cut executive orders. If you don’t like those executive orders, consider more carefully whom you choose to support for the DNC nomination in 2020. If you think the President cutting executive orders at all is bad, maybe this is a sign — to you, gentle progressive — that the American Right has been correct for the past 8 years; regarding Presidential overreach.

Now, it’s entirely possible that none of this is intended to have any real effect. The protests and riots are purely virtue-signalling, by an urban political bubble which seems to understand little else besides virtue-signalling.

Or, it’s also entirely possible that most of the people marching in Chowder hats, or throwing rocks through the window at your local Starbucks, don’t understand the first thing about American rule of law. The how and the why of getting people elected, or, in the case of Trump, preparing to de-elect the man in four years — by the book.

Probably, it’s a bit of both.

And the whole ugly carnival seems like a national progressive temper tantrum, wherein a giant toddler (called ‘Resistance’) takes a flatulent dump in its diaper, then proceeds to whip that diaper off, and begin flinging said diaper (spraying liquid sh*t, like with Spud’s soiled bedding; from Trainspotting) around its head.

That is not how a sober movement addresses sobering problems.

It’s the acting-out of an infantantalized sector of our society, which apparently seems to believe that a) it should always get everything it wants, every time it wants it, and b) every time it does not get what it wants, this is automatically Nazi fascism.

Look, I get how it feels to be burned by a Presidential election. I allowed myself to be extremely emotionally involved in the 2012 race — for Romney — and was rather shellshocked in the wake of Romney’s loss. It told me that the country was headed down the wrong tracks. I was uniquely unhappy about this. I was also unhappily aware of the fact that my emotional involvement had colored my perceptions, to the point that I wasn’t able to objectively evaluate what was really going on in 2012.

Suddenly, the shoe’s on the other foot — for the American Left. And I — as someone who filed a 3rd-party protest vote this past November — find myself spectating, in the same way I spectated after Clinton won in 1992.

Speaking as a spectator, I can say that the histrionics and violence typifying the so-called Resistance, is not winning over hearts and minds. Not from the middle, it’s not. Oh, sure, it’s playing well with the staunch Left, who will always treat an incoming Republican President as if (s)he is the reincarnation of Hitler. But For many people on the fence, or who reluctantly filed a Trump vote simply because they didn’t trust Hillary, or they were willing to gamble on an outsider getting things done, the insane caterwauling of the riots, the protests, the unhinged social media call-to-arms, is a huge turn off. Really, it is. Nobody likes a spoiled brat. And right now, the American Left is behaving precisely like a spoiled brat. Worse yet, any time anybody from the mouthpieces of the American Left — Hollywood, academia, the big media outlets — tries to call for restraint, or asks people to reconsider, and calm down, that person gets vilified. For failing to properly virtue-signal that (s)he is on the “right side” in this whole angry fracas.

Which is another arena in which the American Left is flunking: people often resent being commanded to display their colors. Remember how much Bush 43 was vilified for pronouncing, “You’re either with us, or you’re with the terrorists!”? I do. Now, suddenly, it’s, “Either you hate Trump the way we tell you to hate Trump, or you’re with the Nazi fascists!” If Bush 43 was excoriated for cramming the world into a black-and-white false dichotomy, now it’s the Resistance doing the same. Either you’re marching and shouting and screaming and breaking glass, or you’re complicit in the coming Trump Reich.

I’ve said it before, and I will keep saying it: maybe if the American Left hates Trump so much, the American Left should not have allowed Hillary Clinton to railroad the DNC in the first place? Bernie Sanders probably could have carried Pennsylvania and Michigan. And if not Bernie Sanders, then somebody else. A younger, fresher face. A big part of Obama’s appeal — in hindsight — was his relative inexperience as a Washington D.C. power player. He swooped into the national spotlight, charmed people with some terrifically lofty oratory, and presented them with a chance to vote for Hope and Change.

The fact that Obama seldom delivered on either that hope, or that change, doesn’t matter as much as who and what Obama was, in both 2008 and again in 2012.

How or why people thought Hillary Clinton — the five-decade Washington D.C. insider with big money interests in her pocket, and a known record of duplicity — would be better than Trump, is one of those questions we all should ponder for the next four (to eight!) years.

I myself thought she’d win, simply because I bought into the same fable almost all American Leftists bought into: that the political fabric of the country had slowly shifted to a permanent hue of blue. Whether it was oldsters dying off and idealistic youngsters cramming their polling places, or people as a rule growing disaffected with the hardships of 21st century capitalism, or the rising up of the thousand different victim identities, there seemed to be little chance that Hillary Clinton would not be our 45th President. I said as much, throughout the tail end of 2015 and all of 2016. Even when my English pal Dave Bone — Warrant Officer, British Army — said to me one morning, “Mate, get yourself ready for President Trump!” I waved him off and said, “Impossible. Not gonna happen.”

Clearly, Dave had the detached perspective necessary to see the coming U.S. election with an outsider’s eyes. And he was completely right.

Now, what to do?

First thing, I think, is for the grownups on the Left to somehow talk their more immature, excitable compatriots into calming the hell down, and shutting the f**k up. Even if they’re all livid beyond reason. None of these protests, nor any of this social media activity, is changing minds against Trump. All it’s doing is convincing the fence-sitters that the anti-Trump crowd has the composure of a two year old, when the toys are taken away. Working Americans don’t have a lot of patience for that crap right now, and the longer it goes on, the more working Americans may throw in with Trump — simply out of fatigue with the anti-Trump crowd’s histrionics and hyperbole. Probably what happens is that the extremists on the Left keep evicting more and more of their moderate kin, such that the number of disaffected sorta-liberal media personalities, politicians, and voters, keeps growing. This only benefits Trump.

Second thing, look to the local elections. Who is your mayor? Who is on your city council? Who are your Senators, or your congresspeople? The Founders established checks and balances for a reason. Trump can’t do much, if the Congress and the Senate are firmly and wholly committed to keeping him under their thumb. But if the 2016 national election revealed anything, it’s that the DNC has become far too infatuated with the national scene, and allowed its state and city level apparatus to get rusty, if not corrode to dust altogether. Conversely, the Republicans — cough, Tea Party, cough — stormed the smaller offices. Eight years of Obama — to act as catalyst — combined with 8 years of progressives repeating to themselves the (we found out) fable of Permanent Demographic Majority, has left small-scale progressive politics at a significant disadvantage. Again, probably what happens is that extremists on the Left double down on national shouting, while local politics gets ignored. Getting involved locally, and with good effect, takes a level of work ethic and patience that I don’t think the American Left has at this point in time.

Third thing, who are the young, idealistic, exciting stars coming up the DNC ladder in Obama’s wake? They seem to not exist. Or if they do exist, they are exciting only to the Leftist choir already wailing about gender warfare, racial angst, homophobia, transphobia, victim classifications, and an insistence that the only thing wrong with America, is that the white middle didn’t disappear the way the white middle was told to disappear, during the Obama Presidency. This tells me that without a major wake-up call, the DNC is going to double down in 2020. They will almost surely run a woman — because “women were denied” in 2016. That woman stands a good chance of being non-white, or at least non-straight; to tie in with the identitarian nature of our fractured political discourse. And she will excoriate the “deplorable” half of the country with even more severe rhetoric than either Hillary or Barrack deployed. Because if the riots and marches tell us anything, it’s that the way to “take back” the country, is to call people names twice as hard as they were being called names before.

Fourth thing, wait for Trump to do something truly egregious, before cranking up the sirens. Right now the outrage is dialed to 11 — and kept at 11 — over every little thing Trump does. No, Trump firing Yates was not egregious. He was going to do that eventually anyway — all incoming administrations always clean out the AG office. No, the immigration thing is not egregious either, even if the executive order was messily done. Every nation in the civilized West has some form of immigration policy, and some kind of apparatus in place — to keep non-citizens from crossing the border and taking up residence without getting on the books first. Trump’s simply doing what he said he’d do, to try to put some teeth into U.S. policy. Leftists may not like it. But again, Leftists should have run a better candidate than Hillary Clinton. Hell, Leftists should have paid attention to the 2.5 million people Obama kicked out. Or are we admitting that kicking people out is fine, so long as there is a Democrat in the White House?

Really, one suspects that if nothing had changed about the past month except for Hillary and Donald swapping places, the American Left would be silent. Hillary Clinton would be getting toasted from coast to coast. The Pussyhatters would be giving themselves hugs for having elected Teh Furst Woman Presadent! Hollywooders would be lining up to bend their knee at White House social functions. The major media outlets would be daily running stories about the “new era” the nation had entered, where a black man and a woman could sit in the most powerful chair in the world. And so on, and so forth.

But the script was not followed. Voters — outside soon-to-secede California — stubbornly refused to perform as expected.

And all hell broke loose. It continues to break loose. We’re looking at probably four years of more or less perpetual breaking-loose.

Which doesn’t hurt Trump at all.


Take it from this tinnitus sufferer: constant noises will quickly get tuned out. For the sake of sanity. Right now, the anti-Trump din is getting itself tuned out. There is no modulation happening. It’s a 24/7 four-alarm event. People beyond the concrete silo of the “movement” can’t be bothered to listen to the endless echo chamber of hatred against Trump, combined with calls for bloody revolution. Especially since nobody calling for revolution has the faintest idea what (s)he is actually trying to incite. Most of the guns and ammunition, as well as military experience, are decidedly on the Trump side. The only reason the Resistance isn’t already a bloody smear on the sidewalk, is because the people on the other side of the fence are too polite and law-abiding to call the Resistance on its bluff.

We have a way for peacefully exchanging power in this nation. It works.

If much of the Resistance had not slept through highschool civics class, maybe they’d apply themselves to more constructive purposes?


16 thoughts on “Trumpocalypse: the messy flatulence of the Resistance

  1. I’m kind of hoping that the US ends up with some 16 years of non-DNC rule, just to get shit fixed. And no, it doesn’t have to be 8 years of Trump, 8 years of whoever next.

    Hell, Trump’s actually keeping his campaign promises from what I can see, and keeping the statements he made in his inaugural speech. Yeah, the media is exploding with ‘Trump yelled at Turnbull!!! OMGZZZZ!!!’ but the funny thing about that is, I can see where Trump is coming from (Doesn’t want Obama’s refugees) and honestly, Turnbull doesn’t want them there either (though Trump apparently will take some in ONLY after extreme vetting. Too much of the ‘refugee does terrorism’ been happening and I can agree with that!)

    The long term solution would have been to fix the Middle East but that’s not gonna happen. IMO, drop the refugees to UAE or Egypt or Jordan; that place isn’t a war zone, and for the most part, the refugees are from the general area anyway.

    But as some folks on Twitter have pointed out, no Muslim nation takes in their own fellow Muslim refugees. The worry that this is part of the expanding of Dal al Islam is well founded.

    As for the media, they’re getting fishier and fishier by the day.

  2. An assumption of entitlement has been rudely denied.
    How DARE you not listen to me? You MUST listen to me! I will march and chant and riot and destroy UNTIL you listen to me! The people, UNITED, will never be …
    Where did everyone go?

  3. 1968…
    Not a year many people think of when thinking about the current political maelstrom.
    But that year was the start of a long, long campaign of social unrest and social disruption in the US which didn’t end until 1975.
    Many of the same factors are again in play, though the sides are different and the aims are different.

    What the Left is doing now is the equivalent of the Maori Haka (war chant), they’re working themselves up to taking even more extreme actions down the road (and being egged on by the media and other leftist fellow travelers). Since Trump isn’t going to give in or change his mandate the Left will essentially declare a holy war on Trump and anyone who supported him.

    Most people under 50 won’t usually recognize these names: The Weathermen, the Symbionise Liberation Front, they might recognize the Black Panthers.
    But these groups are on the way back in (ie the New Black Panthers, BLM etc.) because the atmosphere is such that the Left cannot and will not accept any sort of compromise. They do not and will not recognize that there is a newly elected government in power and to practice some patients, they’ve forgotten that a democratic nation is all about compromise.

    Leftists and SJWs will always double and triple down when they are under pressure.
    I hope the next stage doesn’t come to pass but following historical trends; the next stage of this unrest will not only be violent protests, there will be attacks in the symbols of government and attacks on those most connected to the Trump administration.

    I hope there won’t be bombings or kidnappings by militant leftists but with things going the way they are I do believe there is an increasingly extremist subgroup on the Left who will not accept any sort of dialogue with anyone not of their mindset.

    By the way, if the DNC does field a non-white female candidate for 2020, I suspect she would very much act and sound like N.K. Jemisin, now those are nightmares one doesn’t wish to ponder coming true…

  4. Part of the reason the masked rioting battalion has not had severe negative consequences in its direction is that it has been rioting in places where gun ownership is less common and self defense laws are more narrowly written.

  5. My favorite piece of shrieking insanity has to be the article I read about how EVIL Trump is for expecting his female staffers to dress professionally (the phrase the article used was “like women” because of course that elevates the outrage). Dresses preferred, but if jeans are worn they must be neat. And oh yeah, the men are expected to wear ties, but HOW DARE the evil, misogynist expect the women to dress professionally?

    I mean, really. You want to tell me that White House staffers haven’t ALWAYS had a dress code? That dressing like a slob was acceptable? If it was, then explain to me how expecting grownups to suddenly dress like professionals is in some way evil…?

    I am not a big Trump fan, I admit it. I held my nose to vote for him, because I did not want Hilary to win. I do think he needs to be watched closely, and as Brad said, we need to ensure that the checks and balances are in place to prevent him from going too far overboard. (And yes, the overreach of the executive office needs to be addressed, stat.)

    But…throwing a fit over dress codes–which are considered PERFECTLY NORMAL and reasonable in pretty much EVERY professional (ie, corporate) setting in existence? Yeah, that’s one of those things that will get you ignored stat.

    And that’s the biggest worry I have: the Left’s ongoing temper tantrum over ALL the things no matter how small means that people trying to point out an actual problem are going to get ignored and overlooked, because too many have been shrieking about trivia for too long.

  6. Speaking of dress codes, a Pussyhatter recently lectured me (quite piously) that it was sexist as well as racist, to give more respect to people who dress professionally, than to people who do not dress professionally. This, after I made the comment that there was a reason MLK and Co. wore suits and ties, and worked hard to achieve discipline in their ranks, when marching on places like D.C. “Dress for the job you want, not the job you have.” Much the same way the military requires all of us in uniform, to abide grooming and uniform standards, etc. This has been a fact of life for thousands of years. All nations, peoples, governments, etc., throughout history, have always had codes and standards of attire. If you want to be treated as a grownup who commands respect, then by golly you should dress the part. Apparently, this is now sexist and racist — that people who want respect, have to dress for it. (sigh) :/

  7. One way to look at things is that by constantly screeching about Trump, the Democrats can avoid any examination of their own flaws. The biggest is that they have jettisoned the old, solid base of blue collar workers in favor of the young & hip college crowd- forgetting that many of the young & hip tend to grow up and dump leftism when they leave school, and go into real life.
    Likewise, by screeching about Trump, the Democratic leadership can avoid scrutiny on just how badly they managed the election, and keep their positions of power. They went for a top down, centralized, Soviet style of leadership, and blew the whole match, from the Presidency to Congress.
    And by keeping the kids riled up about Trump, the Democratic establishment can keep them from looking too closely into the way they screwed Bernie, and Bernie’s voters.

  8. Jason Kander of Missouri strikes me as a promising Democrat, who would have had a very big national footprint had he won his Senate election. Probably won’t be ready for 2020, though, given that he didn’t get into the Senate. And given the bizarre stories emerging about the DNC chair race of late I’m not sure they’d have tried to back him, in any event.

    Not sure what the rule on links here is, so I won’t post any. But he had a very original campaign ad on YouTube you can Google on firearms background checks.

    FWIW, I voted Trump and I can’t see anything Kander’s said that would make him an instant non-starter for my vote, though I admit I’ve not dug into his positions fully.

  9. Regarding the whole dress code thing, it conforms to their idea that everybody is supposed to ‘take them as they are’ in their entirety, proudly displayed genital warts and all, without complaint. They seem to imagine that they can dress as outlandishly, or as sloppily as they want and get the high-paying head-of-IT dept/marketing/etc job, ousting the ‘suit’ that currently holds it, and everything magically gets better with their mere presence. They don’t realize that the boss they see who slouches in to fix the servers with a thrown on shirt and jeans probably was the same guy who spent the past three nights fixing up something on them that needed happening that was above their pay grade, then slouches on back home after he or she has kicked the thing into submission. The peons working customer service aren’t the ones who would be aware of the upper management’s working business connections with another company in Taiwan, at the dead of night.

    Nope, to most of these idiotic slacktivists, the ‘suits’ are somehow just magically getting the money, the kudos, the respect. The only ‘work’ that seems to be valid as ‘work’ is the slacktivist snowflake’s.

  10. What I want to know is at what concentration of melanin does the “can’t be expected to dress professionally because Racism” kick in. And what about the people whose seasonal skin colour changes cross the magic Racism Line?

  11. I obviously don’t support violent demonstrations, but I think the most important point to the demonstrations against Trump are to remind him that he didn’t carry the popular vote and therefore does not have a popular mandate and needs to move to the center. Given where he campaigned, a move to the center would still have him far out on the hard right.

    The demonstrations aren’t going to make him not president, but they are an important reminder.

  12. Sorry Ryan, but there’s so much other garbage associated with those “demonstrations” for me to accept that they are just a “call for him to move to the center”.

    On the other hand, I’ve never accepted the claim that Trump is “dangerously Right Wing”. That claim is always used against Republicans and nothing I heard from reliable sources indicated that he was “dangerously Right Wing”.

    On the gripping hand, Trump is a former Democrat and a former friend of the Clintons which is why some were nervous about him.

  13. Our host wrote “Much the same way the military requires all of us in uniform, to abide grooming and uniform standards, etc. This has been a fact of life for thousands of years. All nations, peoples, governments, etc., throughout history, have always had codes and standards of attire. If you want to be treated as a grownup who commands respect, then by golly you should dress the part.”

    I get the point, and grant that in many ways it is usefully correct, but also note that the world is more complicated than that.

    The road to how people react to you branches first where you decide how much effort to put into conspicuous, expensive, and/or wilfully impractical forms of respectability — uniforms, traditional leather shoes, etc. If you skip the leather shoes and neckties and careful uniformity of facial hair, then beyond that first branch is a second branch for individuals who go out of their way to be unnecessarily impractical and/or annoying, which can include clothing but seems more often to include other habits: demanding impractically short or silly or obscure names or pronouns, being pushy narrow vegetarians, demanding to bring a companion turkey aboard commercial airliners, etc. And after you go down *that* branch, there is a third branch, where people join factions to start respecting and promoting each other for how impractical and/or annoying they all are. (And, quite possibly, start playing related political games, such as double standards where one faction praises itself for being shocking, and demands that other factions meet absurd standards of tame deference — starting with being born in a class that the ruling faction has not declared to be an oppressor class, going on to avoid “safe spaces” extending throughout and beyond the tax-funded educational system… — as an impossible prerequisite for being granted good faith and willingness to get along.) Presently you arrive at the present factional situation of pussy hats and Piss Christ and privileged rioters for the in-group and their stalking horses and pets, and exclusion and/or headaches and/or concussions for everyone else, yet another reminder that if you’re impatient to reach Hell reliably, you shouldn’t take the road which is paved with good intentions, but travel by luge down the chute which is greased with dishonest rationalizations.

    I recently had occasion to ask a Korean Christian about the source of famous good trees bringing forth good fruit (and vice versa) phraseology that I vaguely remembered people using. She impressed me with her familiarity with the Gospels by pointing me to John 15 off the top of her head. After reading that passage, though, I noticed an interesting misunderstanding. I judge that as a non-native speaker of English who learned from translations other than the KJV, she couldn’t easily pick up that I was asking not about that passage, but about a vaguely-remembered passage that would resonate more with a non-Christian like me. (Probably Matthew 7:18 and/or Luke 6:43, judging from web search later.) John 15 certainly seems related, but it differs in a pagans-need-not-apply way, sounding as though only by following Jesus is it possible to bear good fruit. It seems to me that there is an analogous distinction here. I do agree that uniting in expensively ostentatious respectability is a tree that should be recognized as often having brought forth good fruit. I disagree, though, that uniform conformity is *the* tree/branch/vine/whatever that brings forth good fruit, which is my understanding of your forceful “by golly you should dress the part.” There are more things on heaven and earth…

    Consider: pretty clearly since the military started relying on tech as high as gunpowder weapons (and perhaps before that, but we don’t have such good historical records of procurement organizations back then, and I haven’t studied what little we have) the military uniformed top down command structure has seldom been as efficient at making things — even military things like warships and ammunition and uniforms — as some other more relaxed forms of organization. And in the modern era, this divergence has been extreme enough that a military could plausibly lose badly to a rival by insisting on running too much procurement and technical stuff in a military way. Off the top of my head I could probably list hundreds of fiddly things at the level of fission triggers and packet switching load balancing algorithms and expander graphs, and there must be thousands. Many of them are important enough to play the part of “for want of a nail” in the pre-modern cautionary tale. Be careful in choosing your rules to live by that you don’t inadvertently choose to end up at the “battle was lost” part. (And, perhaps, be cautious about elevating the uniform to an allegory of the central importance of Christ in John’s version of Christ’s announcement of his place in universal morality.:-)

    Besides the common stereotypes, I can offer anecdotal experience. I was taught sophomore quantum mechanics by a very impressive physicist who was later awarded the Nobel Prize, and I attended two IETF meetings around the turn of the century. (The IETF is certainly not as well known as the Nobel Prize, but is fairly formidable.) I’ve also spent at least half a dozen hours in the same room hearing other Nobel laureates speak, and met other obviously-scarily-capable tech people in other forums. No pussy hats so far, but not much ostentatiously careful respectable dress either, and my QM prof indeed fell far enough short of that that I made some mental notes about stuff to avoid.

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